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Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)

Power Pack
$65.00 - Flite Test Power Pack C V2 (Fixed Wing Large) (details...)
$15.99 - Tattu 3S LiPo Battery 45C (11.1V/1300mAh) (JST-XH) (details...)
$18.99 - Tattu 3s LiPo Battery 45C (11.1V/1550mAh) (details...)
Crafty Kit
$99.99 - Flite Test Crafty Kit (details...)
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The Flite Test Edge is based on the Zivko Edge 540 V3, which is a great aerobatic plane and also a very popular choice for pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Races. The FT Edge captures the crips lines of the real Edge while offering a wide flight envelope capable of doing anything from smooth pattern flying to extreme aerobatic maneuvers. Appealing to both sport fliers and 3D pilots alike!

The FT Edge has a removable one-piece wing so that it can be easily transported even in smaller vehicles.  it's large hatch allows easy access to the battery and other electronics. It also has optional landing gear, wheel pants and side force generators allowing you to customize the aircraft to your own preferences.

"This plane was designed to suit my personal preferences as a pilot, so the design has been optimized for 3D aerobatics with large control surfaces enabling the plane to do anything you can throw at it. It has a good power-to-weight ratio when paired with our Power Pack C motor. This delivers enough power for unlimited vertical while keeping the aircraft light enough for low and slow aerobatics. These characteristics make this plane suitable for seasoned 3D pilots as well as those just getting into aerobatic flying. No matter where you are in your journey through the world of flight the FT Edge can serve as a platform for you to further your flying experiences." - Andres Lu


Weight without battery: 1.5lb (680g)
Center of Gravity: 3.25" (83mm) from the leading edge of the wing
Control surface throws: 16" deflection - Expo 30%
Wingspan: 40 Inches (1016mm)
Recommended Motors: 425 sized 1000kv minimum
Recommended Prop: 10x4.5 prop (3s) or 9x4.5 prop (4s)
Recommended ESC: 30amp minimum
Recommended Battery: 1300mah 3s to 1400mah 4s
Recommended Servos: 4x 9 gram servos or ES3154 metal gear servos


  • Flite Test Edge DIY Cardboard Stunt Airplane Kit

Required Items: 


  • No electronics or props included. Power Pack C needed.
  • Optional Edge Landing Gear Set (FLT-2062)
  • If using 4S, try a 9x4.5 prop

This product was added to our catalog on July 20, 2018

Jackson Baynes
Average Rating: 5
Saturday, Jul 28 2018 (10 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
This was probably the best purchase I have ever made from Filtetest! It flies amazing! Maybe a bit more strength in the motor mount and it would be perfect!! 10/10 would and will buy again!
Sean Hicks
Average Rating: 5
Sunday, Sep 16 2018 (8 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
I received this kit with the C power pack. The build process was very fun and just the right amount of challenge. If you are new to these quick build kits, i would recommend building some of the simpler planes such as the Simple Cub, or even the FT 3D before attempting this build. There are a few complex folds to do with this kit. Other than that, the rest of the build is pretty straight forward. The Video is pretty good, but some of the steps seemed to be out of order, or a tip was thought of after the build step was shown, so i would recommend watching the whole video once through before doing the build. Then use the video as you build. The flight of this plane is amazing! I am cheating a bit though, I am using the AS3X receiver from my wrecked Visionaire in this, so I have a ton of crisp control for 3D flight. This is a must have for any intermediate or advanced pilot if you want the performance of a wonderful 3D plane. Great job to Andres Lu on the design of this kit. Keep it up, you have a great future! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! And thank you to everyone at FliteTest. You have really made this hobby accessible to most who may have never thought it was affordable, or approachable.

Thank you
Sean Hicks
Keep making memories!!
Fitz King
Average Rating: 5
Sunday, Jan 20 2019 (4 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
The FT Edge is the best Flite Test 3D airplane I have ever had. I love 3D flying and this airplane does almost every 3D maneuver great. I love it!
Edward Malec
Average Rating: 5
Wednesday, Oct 17 2018 (7 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
Excellent design, easy to build, everything fit together perfectly. I used larger wheels (2.5" dia). Flies great too, on a 4 cell, 3 cell it's o.k. Best plane ever from F.T.
Jimmy Allen
Average Rating: 5
Tuesday, Sep 11 2018 (8 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
Hi I purchased the edge as soon as I saw it available. More than impressed with it using a 1400 4s. I have troubles with it being nose Hevy but have read that other say thereís are tail Hevy. Canít complain mine was an easy fix and flys amazing. Fun easy build. Pause the video between steps to keep up works great.
However Iím not too tickled with the new store. Has become very impersonal and very long ďif everĒ response times. Liked dealing with the flitetest personnel much more.
Recommend the game lane though. Thanks Jimmy
Joseph Bonnette
Average Rating: 4
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 14 2019 (3 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
Great design but did not come with the sheet of wood with a bunch of pieces for strength.
Average Rating: 5
Sunday, Apr 28 2019 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
What an amazing plane!

The build process is broken down into simple steps, this is the first build I have attempted and I had very little difficulty building it. The only preparation work I had done is a little bit of practising on cutting the edges/lines like the control surfaces.

She is a BIG plane and is currently hanging from my ceiling (as I have no where else to put her).

As I am a beginner, I have not maiden-ed her yet. but I am working up to it. i have heard that she flies amazing though.

If you love model planes you NEED this in your collection!
Joshua Duyck
Average Rating: 5
Tuesday, Jan 29 2019 (4 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
While this is not a suggested first timer scratch build due to some tough bends in the nose and canopy, it is a fun and challenging build to do. I lawn darted my first one due to a poor choice in paint colors that made it impossible to tell if it was upside down or right-side up from a distance, but after cutting it in half and building a new front end, she was back in the air, no problem. I wish I could post a picture in the reviews to show my experience! If you are scratch building this, expect to spend at least 3 hours getting it cut out, and about 3 hours building it minimum for a nice job. I suggest a 3mm carbon fiber rod split in two as a spar cut and glued into the length of the elevator rather than the Popsicle stick to give it more rigidity. Cheers to the guys here at flight test for this one!
Tom Caygle
Average Rating: 4
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 7 2018 (6 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
This isn't my first FT plane that I've built, but, it is the first one I've bought from them.
It was a fun plane to build, my only complaint is fitting. Got the fuselage put together and fit the canopy to the fuselage and the fit is way off, not enough off that I won't fly it, but, enough to make a good looking plane ugly. To spite the fitment problem with this plane I will be buying other planes from them. By the way, these planes are so easy to build, I've only been flying for about 8 months and have built 7 different FT planes, all easy to build and fly, these guys are great.
Patrice Payeur
Average Rating: 4
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 20 2018 (6 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
This is my first plane I love to build it. very tail heavy . the motor is not powerful need upgrade crash 6x easy to repair buy minimume 5 propeller just eneve power to flight sorry for me english im french
Casey Becker
Average Rating: 2
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 15 2018 (8 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
be very careful when buying this item. I bought one and it will not do unlimited vertical on a three cell. The control horns are plywood and two broke on mine while flying (very sobering:) ) the motor mount needs some serious bracing, mine ripped out and tore the cowl to shreds, that was after i had braced it. also plan on getting some different landing gear, the gear that comes is just foamboard with wire through, it last approximately two seconds. But it does fly.
Noah Egle
Average Rating: 2
Saturday, Aug 11 2018 (9 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
I got my plane from my local hobby town. I built the plane to what i can. parts in the kit are to small or doing properly fit ( cowling, vertical stab, and some other smaller parts. The build video is rushed and hard to keep up with and understand. I have built many FT planes and love them with how easy they are to build, but this plane with the incorrect parts and rushed video make this plane hard to work with.
Jay Huber
Average Rating: 1
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 17 2018 (9 months ago)
Flite Test Edge 540 Aerobatic Electric Airplane Kit (1016mm)
This was my 1st plane of which you essentially build from nothing. I got it all glued together and painted. The hour long build video is VERY rushed via fast editing. It made it hard to follow. Bottom line, the tail is WAY TOO HEAVY! It takes WAY too much weight to balance this out. It would take half the weight of a BRICK to balance this out. If the wings were back another inch the center of gravity would be near perfect or at least much better. I purchased the power pack recommended for this as well which was also terrible! The Emax motor and ESC are fine, but the re-branded Emax servos (that say Flitetest) are total garbage. 3 of 6 buzz at the center point very very loud (not all of them did this.) 4 didn't hold the center position at all. And one died in under 30 seconds. Customer support (which goes through A-Main Hobbies 100%) said the buzzing and not holding center is totally normal and will send one replacement for the one that died. That was after 4 days of waiting for a reply to my support ticket.
This is the 1st and last time I purchase anything from this site. Not very happy with A-Main hobbies either.
In the end, I felt this was a huge waste of my $$$.
Good luck with this relatively new website.