Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit

Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

The Flite Test Dart was developed to take all the great accomplishments in FPV and micro technology and combine it with a fun and simple wing that not only flies great, but can take a beating!  The FT Dart uses 2 micro brushless motors to provide stable flight and differential thrust.  This feature give the pilot the ability to yaw the wing as well as perform crazy flat spins and pinwheel maneuvers.  Whether you are flying line of sight or FPV, you will enjoy the great speed envelope at 2-4 cell operation.  Our favorite activity is using this tiny wing is to fly and explore while capturing HD footage from the optional RunCam Micro Split. 

If you like 3d printing, files are available at thingiverse to make a great FPV module that mounts right on the nose for a sleek and functional look.

Click Here for 3D Files @ Thingiverse


  • (1) FT Dart Kit
  • (1) White Velcro Patch
  • (2) 16.5" Micro Pushrods
  • (2) 3/32" Micro Plywood Firewalls - For Power Pack H 1106 Motors
  • (4) Full Size Control Horns
  • (2) BBQ Skewers
  • (1) FT Sticker Pack
  • (1) Data Card
Needed to Complete
  • Power Pack H Radial
  • 2s to 3s 450mAh LiPo Battery
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • 6 Channel Radio System
  • (1) 2.4GHZ Radio System (Radio & Receiver)
  • Misc. Building Supplies.

Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 15 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
This is a fun build, but this is my favorite FT DIY to fly. Very smooth, very docile, but quite quick as well. Differential power is also very cool.

Make sure you init/sync the ESCs before you fly or that differential power will confound you.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 30 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
This is the third ft airplane I have bought from flite test, and I have fo say this airplane is a must have. It's small, light, almost calm and entry level with 2s batteries, but when you want the power, you can bump it up to 3 or even 4s which turns this thing into a rocket! What I love the most is the size of this plane. As a student in high school, flying airplanes at school can be challenging because of space, but with this you can strap to a backpack with rubber bands, and put your controller in a bag and go. Really makes this plane amazing. Flite test, you go, keep the dream going. DEFINITELY NOT A BEGINNER PLANE HOWEVER! The tiny props give little to no prop wash, so if you throttle down or finish a roll, the wing likes to wobble giving some unforgiving tendicies. Great 4-5 airplane.
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 19 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
Not a beginner wing! This plane is really squirrely built from the directions. The only change I made to mine was to substitute some 1306 motors for the recommended ones. Launches are harrowing as it is really unstable at low speeds. Watch their launches in the review video where they narrowly avoid crashing, it's like that!

My flying buddy who used to be a flight instructor suggested it might be dutch roll. Watching the DVR footage in slow motion seems to agree. The fix for that is supposed to be increasing the yaw stability, and making the vertical fins bigger has helped quite a bit.

The other big problem with this plane is that it doesn't fly slow, and it lands on the props. Expect to be fixing or replacing bent props after pretty much every flight. Related to that, after a dozen flights my motor pods are delaminating the bottom of my wings. I've had to reglue one of them. I don't really expect this plane to last very long from all the wear, tear, and instability. :-\
Wednesday, Oct 17 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
Dart was a pit of a pain to build, all that soldering. A pain to route the wires in the wings; there was no room. Thee leading edges of both wings tore, and I've built 3 other F.T. planes too. Why they tore? I don't know. I just taped 'em over with masking tape.
But what a flier! The flat spins are terrific! A real show stopper. Worth the bit of hassle building it!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 21 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Dart Electric Airplane Kit
power pack doesn't work, buy ft arrow instead.