Flite Test

Flight Control Board Mounting Plate (36mm x 36mm)

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This handy design by Eric Monroe ensures that your flight control board is perfectly centered when you are mounting it on the Rotor Bones Electrohub. Use the lasercut holes to perfectly line up and center the board, then use the included 2 sided foam tape to mount the board to the plate, and the plate to the electrohub. This plate is intended to be used will any common 36mm x 36mm flight controller. (Naze32, Multiwii Flip 1.5, KK2 mini, CC3D)

Made out of Aircraft Grade 3/32nd" Plywood. 


Reviews (7)

Barry Morris 28th Mar 2016

Very Useful

Fit the naze32 perfectly and made for a nice mount on my Tricopter build. Recommended for a very clean build.

Nigel 24th Jun 2015

simple and efficiant

This board was super simple to use and worked great for my maze board. I even found a use for the left over ply that the board was cut from so thanks for that Flite Test. ( it made a nice brace in part of my landing gear.