Fatshark Dominator HDO - FPV Goggle

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Fat Shark Dominator HDO: Fat Shark’s newest flagship FPV goggles have arrived!

The result of over a year of R&D and production, the HDO goggles bring a new generation of display technology to the industry’s best drone racing goggles. Patented Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have replaced the LCD technology of past generations, bring new levels of image clarity, contrast and fidelity to the image displayed within the goggles. The HDO also features an improved user interface and an upgraded power supply to handle the next generation of drone racing technology.

The HDO (short for High Definition OLED) goggles feature a new, upgraded display technology unique so far to FPV goggles.

With the new OLED screens come better color production and higher contrast rations. Under challenging light conditions, this means that pilots will be able to see much more detail that can’t be shown by traditional LCD technology. OLED displays also have no image retention, which means crisper images when viewing fast moving video.

Power-hungry receiver modules can now take advantage of the HDO’s improved power supply, which should allow many modules to operate out of one bay.

Upgrades to the user interface on the HDO now make it easier to handle multiple video feeds. When an HDMI signal is detected, the HDO will automatically turn off the external receiver, allowing for simpler switches between analog and digital feeds. When playing back DVR footage, the video will also automatically switch to the proper menu without the need to manually toggle the receiver switch.

Field of View: 37° (22.5° vertical)
720p XGA Display
HDMI 1080p Support
IPD Range: 59-69mm
NTSC/PAL Auto Selecting
Modular Head Tracker & Receiver Bay

Fat Shark HDO Goggle Kit
1800Mah Goggle Battery 
Zipper Carrying Case

Furious True-D V3 Diversity Module 
Team BlackSheep Triumph Antenna 
Team Black Sheep Patch Antenna 



Reviews (1)

Jeremiah 29th Jun 2018

Excellent upgrade

I am upgrading from Dominator V3's and HD3 headsets and these HD0's are a nice improvement. I got one of the first batch of goggles that came in stock and I am happy I did. The image is awesome with brighter colors and crisper image. The increase power supply we be nice to have for the new video receiver modules coming out in the next month. The new vinyl covered foam face plate is comfortable but wish it was a little thicker in some spots. The USB port on the new battery pack makes it great to charge while at the field or on your way to your flying site. The field of view is just rite for me. I don't find myself wondering around the screen looking at all my OSD readings like I do on the HD3's. If I was going to buy my first set of goggles these would be what I would get. The quality and customer support from Fatshark is excellent.