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Emax Motor MT2213-920KV

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Emax Motor MT2213-920KV


This Motor/prop combo pack comes with one 2213 Emax Multicopter motor, one CW 10x4.7 prop and one CCW 10x4.7 prop. 



  • For airplanes: rugged motor, large fragile props

    Posted by Scott Huff on 17th Dec 2017

    The FT team is now selling the MT2213 motor and 10x4.5 prop (not 10x4.7 as listed) as a replacement for the CF2822 motor and white 8x4.5 prop previously offered in the B Pack. We ran the CF2822 in Bloody Barons for pylon racing, de-tuned to 45% throttle with 3S 1800MAH batteries.The CF2822 was easily susceptible to bent shafts, so we were excited about the rugged design of MT2213. The MT2213/10x4.5 setup is labeled for quads and we found a significant difference in performance between this combination and the CF2822/8x4.5 setup. We had to increase the throttle percentage to 70% to match the speed of Barons with the CF2822 setup. The 10x4.5 prop is very brittle and didn't last more than two races. The included CW prop is useless for our application. Frustrated, we mounted the 8x4.5 prop on the MT2213 motor and were much happier with the performance. At 58% power, the speed matched the CF2822 setup and we could run all day on one prop. In summary, this setup is one step forward and two steps back. Hopefully this setup works better in other FT airplanes, but we don't recommend the MT2213 and 10x4.5 prop combination for the Baron. We will be trying the 8x4.5 prop next, in hopes of finding a comparable replacement for the white 8x4.5 prop in the previous B pack.

  • screw holes do not line up with the firewall holes on the power pod

    Posted by mike dawson on 30th Sep 2017

    This is the new B pack motor that is recommended for the simple cub. The screw holes on the back of the motor do not correctly line up. One screw can be attached and the other holes do not line up. Frustrating as after 1 hour of attempting I give up!!!

  • scrfew holes do not line up with the firewall on the power pod

    Posted by mike dawson on 30th Sep 2017

    Will not mount to the firewall on the power pod for the simple cub. not all the holes line up and only one screw can be attached the other holes do not line up correctly to attach even a second screw. Frustrating!!!

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