Emax 6.30 CCW Prop

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2-Emax CCW 6.30 Props and bushings


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12th Mar 2017

Cheap is good, Brittle is bad

Well, you can't beat the price of these props at all of $0.85 a piece. I bought six of them for my tiny trainer as an add-on to another order (otherwise the shipping is a killer). The major downside is these props seem to be fairly brittle. When combined with the belly-landing design of the tiny trainer it is nearly impossible to land (or crash) the tiny trainer without breaking off one side of the prop. Now that I'm getting better at flying I have had a few successful landings with the prop intact, but generally I expect to break a prop every time I bring my TT to the ground. I've been out three days now and have broken four props.

Caleb Franklin 9th Jan 2017

Great Price

Great price compared to most of what I've seen online. (It feels like pulling teeth trying to find a pack of props that are only CCW or CW not both) They do seem to break easily, but it could also be a case of me being new to this, and single digit temps outside.