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E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV BNF Basic Electric Airplane (1200mm) w/AS3X Technology

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The E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2M is an incredible recreation of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV in an easy to prep bind-n-fly package. The Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV was Great Britain's powerhouse fighter that outclassed every weapon thrown at it. The E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2m has been developed to deliver great warbird performance and agility in addition to the distinctive elegance only possible with a Spitfire.

The E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV1.2m is a full-house park flyer that combines an unmistakable warbird with an impressive features list. An authentic trim scheme, big five-blade propeller, functional four-panel flaps and electric retracts are just a few of finely tuned details. Construction with Z-Foam material keeps the overall weight low and airframe durability high for enhanced performance in all aspects. Industry-leading DSMX 2.4GHz control and specially tuned AS3X technology deliver flight performance similar to that of an expertly set up model many times its size.

Built-in SAFE Select technology is a programming-free option you can activate during the bind process. With SAFE Select turned on you get a super-stable model with the security of envelope protection and self-leveling flight which can practically eliminate first-flight jitters. There is also a program-free option to assign SAFE Select to a transmitter switch so that you can take advantage of the system the instant you need a hand. Whether you're an intermediate pilot or scale aficionado, the formidable elegance of WWII British air superiority is yours to unleash.


Features at a Glance:

  • Optional SAFE® Select technology with flight envelope protection
  • Advanced AS3X® technology delivers rock-solid handling
  • Easy to complete, bolt-together final assembly
  • Retractable, electric main landing gear installed
  • Operational four-panel split flaps with servos installed
  • 6-channel control with a steerable tail wheel
  • Spektrum™ 6-channel AR636A DSMX® receiver (installed)
  • High-torque 15-size brushless outrunner motor
  • Reliable 40A electronic speed control
  • (6) Lightweight Spektrum micro servos installed
  • Accepts 2200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery packs (sold separately)
  • Constructed with durable Z-Foam™ material
  • Realistic markings, 5-blade propeller, munition and surface detail
  • Painted canopy with a clear view of the pilot and cockpit
  • Quick-release top hatch makes battery changes easy

In Depth Features:

  • SAFE® Select Technology: The evolutionary SAFE® Select technology in this Spitfire offers an extra level of protection so you can perform the first flight with confidence. No complex transmitter programming is required. Just follow a simple bind process to make the SAFE Select system active. With it on, bank and pitch limitations keep you from over-controlling and automatic self-leveling makes recovery as simple as releasing the sticks. In fact, with the aileron, elevator and rudder sticks in the neutral position, the model will automatically hold a heading with a straight and level attitude. You can even expand the advantage SAFE Select technology offers by assigning it to a switch. No transmitter programming is required and you'll be able to turn the system on and off with the flip of a switch. For example, turn SAFE select on for laser straight takeoffs, then turn it off in flight for unrestricted aerobatic performance. Turn SAFE Select on for landing, and as you drop the flaps, SAFE Select reduces your work load by compensating for pitch changes automatically, regardless of throttle position. Plus it will help keep you on heading and wings level during the final approach. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, SAFE Select can make your flights more fun. When the normal bind process is followed, the SAFE Select system is disabled leaving specially tuned AS3X® technology in place to deliver a pure, unrestricted flight experience. Electric Retracts: The installed main landing gear feature reliable electric retraction with covers over the steel struts, scale wheels and outer gear doors that enhance the authentic appearance.
  • Functional Flaps: Light wing loading, plus operational flaps, gives this warbird a significantly greater flight envelope with the ability to takeoff in shorter distances and land more slowly.
  • 15-Size Brushless Power System: The power system features a 15-size outrunner with 850Kv and a 40-amp ESC, that when combined with your 2200mAh 3S 25C Li-Po battery, delivers outstanding thrust.
  • 5-Blade Propeller: The specially made 10x8, 5-blade propeller, made of durable fiber-filled nylon, adds a distinctive level of authenticity and performance.
  • Scale Trim Scheme: The WWII color scheme features authentic trim and graphics including the characteristic goose-egg hue used on the spinner, tail band and squadron markings.
  • Z-Foam™ Material: Construction with durable Z-Foam™ material offers the ability to replicate complex detail with greater accuracy while providing a lightweight airframe that’s easy to maintain.
  • Bind-N-Fly® Basic: An evolution in ready-to-fly convenience, Bind-N-Fly Basic aircraft come out of the box with servos, power system and a Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX® or DSM2® receiver already installed so that you can be flying in the time it takes to charge your flight battery.

Wingspan: 47.25 in (1200 mm)
Overall Length: 42.32 in (1075 mm)
Wing Area: 416.9 sq in (26.9 Sq Dm)
Flying Weight: 53.5 oz (1515 g)
Motor Size: 15BL Outrunner 850Kv
Radio: 6+ Channel
Servos: Yes
Speed Control : 40 Amp Brushless
Recommended Battery: 2200mAh 3 Cell Li-Po
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: Yes
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes

Needed To Complete:

  • Full-range 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX/DSM2 technology
  • 2200mAh 3S 11.1V 25C Li-Po flight battery
  • LiPo Battery Charger

This product was added to our catalog on May 31, 2016

Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 7 2016 (about 3 years ago)
E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV BNF Basic Electric Airplane (1200mm)
I have 25 flights on my Spitfire. I love the looks, especially the 5-blade prop, the size and how she flies. She packs in my Honda CRV with wings attached without any problem, angled about 45 degrees to get it in. I fly off grass exclusively. The LG come with metal trunnions and despite a few fairly rough landings, have faired very well - no bending or twisting. I am using a DX18 so I have enough channels to select SAFE ON or OFF. Already the SAFE SELECT came in handy when I flew too far off and lost orientation. I was able to bring her home easily once I switched SAFE ON.

The SAFE SELECT ON gives you enough ELE to go vertical but not enough for a loop. The roll is limited to about 45 degrees with SAFE SELECT ON. There are no other modes other than ON or OFF. The AS3X is always active once enabled by bringing the TRH to above 25%.

The recommended 3S 2200mAh power is enough for scale flying. The following static numbers were with fully charged 3S & 4S batteries. On 3S I read 37amps, 434watts. The usual maneuvers are easily done with this power. On 4S I read 55amps, 802watts. An upgraded ESC would be needed to fly 4S continuously. The ESC cooling does not seem the best. The batt tray gets warm. I intend to increase airflow under there eventually.

I have flown with the battery fully forward and fully aft. It's much better forward and I am considering some lead in the nose to see if it minimizes the pitch-up tendency. It balances at the recommended 78mm fore of the wing's leading edge with the battery full forward. As I said before, I fly off grass exclusively cut at 1.25in. You do have to use lots of ELE to not nose-over and lots of rudder on takeoff to counter the torque. Just ease on the THR rather than slamming it forward.

I have a few issues that keep me from giving this Spitty a 5-star rating. The first one is the programming with SAFE ON or OFF. It has a tendency to pitch up as you increase THR. I've effectively countered it with 2 mixes on my flight mode switch. Position 0 is SAFE ON & MIX1 ON. Position 1 is SAFE OFF & MIX2 ON. Position 2 is SAFE OFF & MIXes OFF.You can find it on my blog at RCGs under "hifinsword".

The ESC is very hard to get to without removing the AR636A. The battery tray is very solid. So much so you will probably have to cut it out if you want to upgrade the ESC. The ESC space is very limited and a larger one will not fit without moving the batt tray. If you accidently pull the battery strap out, it is hard to put it back in.

Why doesn't E-flite put lights in their planes? They did a great job with the flaps, LG and the overall looks on this one. Just one more small item and she would be complete.

Another note, not necessarily a bad one, is the floatiness of this bird. Without a mix or some down ELE, she does not want to come down with any speed on landing. Landing will be tricky if you tend to let the bird float down to a landing. I don't recommend it. Fly it down, even if you have to nose it over and she will land just fine. You can float her in, but sooner or later it will bite you.

I love flying her. There are lots of good comments from the guys at the club. She gets attention every time I take her out.
Friday, Jul 8 2016 (about 3 years ago)
E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV BNF Basic Electric Airplane (1200mm)
Great looking and flying plane. Rivets on the airframe- way cool! Flaps are excellent quality. SAFE Select a nice option. Overall an excellent product.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 15 2020 (5 days ago)
E-flite Spitfire Mk XIV BNF Basic Electric Airplane (1200mm)
Its hard to rate because my paggage is stuck somewhere