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Convergence VTOL BNF Basic, 650mm

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Versatile multirotor or nimble sport plane? The Convergence™ VTOL park flyer is both! Its exclusive flight control software makes transitioning between multirotor and airplane flight easier than it has ever been before. It’s even FPV-ready!


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Brian ( from Chapel Hill fpv ) 21st Feb 2017

The good, bad, and, ugly

OK, I have flown this several times and crashed it once, but I'll get to that in a few. First off in copter mode this thing is super stable. Even in 11-15 mph wind it holds its line very well. Aircraft mode is a bit of a hand full for a new pilot so if you have never flown get a Champ S+ first learn to fly a plane first then go for this one. She does have a higher stall speed than I am use to but, is quick and agile. The looks are simply awesome and the motors are strong. (Wouldn't, mind making a quad copter with these guys) now here comes the bad part, check your craft over though out because there seams to be a few minor mistakes made on their assembly line. My craft came with the left front motor having only one screw instead of 4. Yes this can make for a real bad day at the park so, check your craft over right out of the box.now, we move on to the ugly, and it's a bad one too. For some reason they thought it fine to use standard trees on both cw and ccw motors. Now on a large quad it's not a bad thing because there is a lock nut and a spinner nut to lock threads but, this guy only has room for the single spinner nut. This makes for a big problem when flying aggressive as the nut can get lose. I locked it down tight myself with a spinner wrench that I have and made sure it was tight . However this is the kicker it still came lose so if you are just getting yours I suggest you use a nylon lock nut or three lock so it will not come off in flight. This brings me to the other design flaw, the nose of this plane is really fragile. It breaks off at the lightest crash. It is just for aerodynamics, but I would expect a bit more from horizon as this is so pose to be a quality product. This reminds me of Hobby King stuff here with the nose and not the great company that made the champ s+. I do hope the Atlas address the prop nuts as that is just a total failure as there would have been a simple solution . Why not use reverse threads like so many others? It works and is simple. All in all it is still a great craft and if you have a small yard it is perfect for you as this craft requires no runway at all.