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Blunt nose Versa Conversion

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This conversion kit comes with everything that you need to convert your Versa to a Blunt Nose Versa. Kit includes -Element Simple Firewall -Velcro Strap -2 popsicle sticks -Laser cut foam center section. Versa speed build kit sold separately.


Reviews (5)

mike I 25th Jul 2016

blunt nose to hide the gear !

Have yet to build mine,the whole idea as good as it can be to hide all that electrical stuff !

Jason 12th Jan 2016

A Must Have for the FT Versa Wing!

The Versa Wing is my first wing and with the addition of the Blunt Nose it has made a amazing flying wing. I added my GoPro to the front of my aircraft and got spot on CG with my 2200 mAh pack. I plan on adding a few more Blunt Nose Versa Wings to my fleet for night flying and some good 'ol family fun time. I don't think you can go wrong with adding the Blunt Nose to your Versa Wing. Great job Team Flite Test. Keep the great products comin!