BLHeli Series 12amp ESC(XT-30)

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BLHeli Series 12amp ESC with XT-30 connector!


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Don 24th Apr 2017

Brown-out with more than 2 servos

I have had two of these 12 amp ESC's. I have used them on two different planes that are 4 channels (4 servos). Both planes would have brown-outs and crash. If I change the planes to 3 channel (no aileron servos), the brown-outs would not occur. Since I wanted to use ailerons, I had to buy a separate BEC to resolve the brown-outs. This is a disappointment for the mini trainer which I prefer as a 4 channel plane.

Greg 5th Mar 2017

1A built-in BEC

I would rate it higher if the built-in BEC output just a little more amperage. Powering only two 4.3g Emax servos and the Hyperion Mini FPV Camera, this ESC was resetting on me mid-flight causing regular brown-outs. I ended up powering the receiver and camera with a stronger 3A external UBEC. If this little ESC's built-in BEC output 2A, I would have been fine and my wiring would be much simpler.