Battery Voltage Checker (1-6s)

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This handy little battery checker is a must have when you are flying at the field. Check your battery's overall voltage as well as each indevidual cell to make sure you get the most life out of your batteries. This battery checker works with 1-6 cell lithium batteries.




Reviews (35)

NASAguy 1st May 2017

Must have for $6!!!

Super bright display, almost too bright. Very quickly allows you to test battery voltage. Tells you All Voltage, then goes through each cell one by one in just the right amount of time. It is roughly the size of the now old USB drives and come with a slide on cover. I sometimes get my batteries mixed up especially new ones I haven't labeled. I can just pop this on really quick to tell what is what in a matter of seconds.to sort my lipo bag. I also use this with new model setups every couple of minutes to determine a decent flight timer. No regrets on this purchase.

Joshua 1st Apr 2017

Very useful

I was very happy with how it worked!