APC 9x6 Thin Electric Prop

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APC props are manufactured using a pultrusion process. This method causes the fiberglass "fibers" to be oriented axially in 1/2" long pellets, allowing for a higher fiber (60%) to resin (nylon binder) density. Providing substantially higher strength and stiffness than glass filled nylon. The additional stiffness is beneficial to control of vibration resonance response. The higher strength allows the use of thinner cross-sections, beneficial to weight and aerodynamic efficiency. Dark gray composite material.


One APC Thin-Electric Propeller


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Nathanael Carper 21st Sep 2017

The best!

Until I built a FliteTest plane, I never broke a prop. I've owned 3 Horizon Hobby planes, and I've never broke a prop on any of them (I did break a prop shaft once though). But then I entered the world of DIY FT planes. I was using the props supplied in the FT Power Packs and I was braking them very quickly. I remember breaking 3 in one day. I was not happy. The amount of money I spend on props mounts up and it's money I didn't want to spend. Then I found these props. I tried them and love them. They are much, much stronger. True, they break, but it takes a very hard crash to brake them. They are also bigger, meaning they provide more punch. Buy them and try them. You'll see and feel the difference.