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Angle Arm Brackets (Wooden)

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Hop up your multirotor with these angled arm brackets! Designed by the Angry Swordsman himself (Eric Monroe), this simple mod will improve performance, stability and even help avoid getting those pesky booms in your shot when using an underslung camera. This mod kit was designed around the 1/2" booms and the Rotor Bones Electrohub. 

This kit comes with all th necessary parts and hardware to modify a standard quadcopter using 1/2" booms. 

Made out of Aircraft Grade 3/32" Plywood. 


Reviews (12)

Allan C Aylard 23rd Jan 2017

Okay, But ....

The Angle Arm Brace Kit seems to be well made, but harder to use than the video (ElectroHub Y6) would have you believe. An etched line showing the center of the angle would be very helpful to ensure that the bracket is installed in exactly the same spot on each of the arms.

K. Gibson 17th Feb 2016

Angle Arm Brackets (Wooden)

Angle Arm Brackets (G10) would be great for $10. Maybe $5-6 for wooden. Worked great though.