Alpha 110 Quad Copter (ARF)

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If you are looking into flying copters the Graupner Alpha 110 quad copter will help and guide you with mastering the art of flying multirotors! The Alpha 110 prepares you for the next level of multirotor racing when transitioning to bigger 250 and 300 size copters! Don’t let the small size deceive you! The Graupner Alpha 110 uses the same technology as our other multirotor racers like the Alpha 250Q and Alpha 300Q. It is nimble and extremely maneuverable!

Based on our GR-18 flight controller the Alpha 110 provides the same ease of use and control functions many others have experienced when using Graupner multirotor flight controllers.


The Graupner Alpha 110 comes fully assembled and is ready to go in minutes. Just bind it to your HoTT radio and go! The Alpha 110 adapts quickly to its surroundings and flying from your living room to your backyard is easy! The installed high intensity LED’s will help you maintain orientation.


Like all of our HoTT radio products the Alpha 110 will provide you with real-time information when your battery is almost depleted giving you plenty of time to return and land safely. The Graupner Alpha 110 has been optimally tuned for multirotor flight!  In case you feel you need to fine tune its settings you can access all directly from your HoTT radio to fine tune the Alpha 110 the PID’s to your own liking.


  • GR-18 multirotor flight controller software
  • Fully assembled and ready to go in minutes
  • Light frame construction with blade guards
  • Uses Graupner HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) protocol
  • High intensity LED lights helps maintaining orientation
  • Multi flying modes, attitude for beginners and rate for advanced pilots
  • Auto flip function for spectacular aerobatics
  • Over-the-Air setup using optional SmartBox or HoTT radio
  • Firmware updateable 


  • Graupner Alpha 110 RTF Copter
  • Rechargeable 350 mAh LiPo battery
  • USB charger cable
  • Set of extra propeller blades
  • Manual

Reviews (1)

Mike Zachau 24th Aug 2016

Great learning quad

First let me set the stage for this review. I’m a real newbie at RC planes and wanted to try multi-rotor too. I researched which quadcopter would be best to learn on and Flite Test videos recommended the Nano QX. The problem with the Nano is that I have a Graupher MZ12 radio and it would not work with the Nano. I noticed in the Flite Test Store that they sold the Graupher Alpha 110 in ARF which means that I didn’t need to buy another radio! So that is what I bought. Now for the review.. The Alpha 110 ARF was delivered quickly (about 4 days) and was very well packed. I opened the box and found everything neatly packaged in the Graupher 110 box. The package includes the quad, a 350mAh battery, extra props, battery charger, extra nose piece and a manual. The manual was very basic and written toward the RTF product and most of the manual was how to use the RTF transmitter. The manual did say that the receiver is ready to bind if you have another Graupner radio as soon as you plug the charged battery into the quad (and to go to your transmitter manual for binding instructions). I had no problems binding the quad to my Graupner MZ12 radio. One more comment on the manual. At the back of the manual (page 22), there is a section named “Setting in connection with HoTT transmitter with display”. This section goes into setting up Attitude and Rate modes. The section has lots of steps and a few screen pictures that I can’t figure out or find on my MZ12 radio. Therefore I don’t know how to step up and/or tune the receiver as the manual states. I’m still researching what this section is discussing and how to exercise it on my system. HINT: Maybe Flite Test can do a video on this section and help us Newbies!! 1st flight: I have to say that the Alpha 110 is a very sturdy unit after smashing into a number of objects in the garage on first hover. By the end of the first battery charge I was feeling pretty good about being able to hover at a steady 4 feet off the ground and move it forward and backward. I love this little thing. It is slightly bigger than the Nano in size. It has prop protectors which work really well. The battery lasted about 10 minutes so some additional batteries are a must. The included battery charger is a USB type charger and has a red LED when charging which turns to green when charging is completed. I measured the voltage at the end of charging and it read 4.22 volts. I understand that you shouldn’t charge Lipos batteries to more than 4.2 volts so I don’t know if this slight over charging will hurt the battery in the long run. I have my MZ12 radio set to alarm at 3.4 volts to make sure I don’t overfly the battery. Summary: This is the perfect learning quad. It is easy to get into the air quickly (just charge the battery and bind), and it is easy to learn quad stick movements on. I highly recommend the Alpha 110.