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Wooden Booms (Pair)

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    The Rotor Bones wooden booms are 1/2" x 10" wooden arms. These are ideal booms for the Anycopter, Electrohub, and the Bat Bone.



    2 X Wooden Arms (1/2" x 10") or (13mm X 250mm)


    Weight: 27 grams (per boom)

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    1. High quality

      The booms seemed to be a high quality, clear, straight grained wood. The boom cross sections were notcalways exactly square so some care shoukd be given to ensure the booms are used with all widths the same for the critical dimensions. on 10th Mar 2017

    2. Different cuts between sets and warping

      Great idea for the kit ave ease of use, but the lack of consistency of the cuts between sets as far as length goes, as well as some of the pieces are a little warped so pitch angle will not be consistent when installing motors with blades.

      Also, it would be nice to have some sort of metal sleeve to go through holes that are drilled by customer to aid in preventing the shifting that can take place from the fastener points; it can happen even with tightened fasteners which tightening too much to prevent the shifting can cause sever dimpling on the hub and can compromise the screw hole in the hub by the screw head penetrating the hub.

      Pre-drilled holes on the wood or a template, or even alum booms would be a recommendation. Sleeves should be incorporated with wooden booms though, most definitely!

      These are fun kits but not for novice builders. my advice is buy several of the hubs and plenty of booms and allow for error.

      on 24th Dec 2016

    3. Wooden books

      Booms were great. No chips or splits. Booms have always been good. But this time they were great. They each were 10 inches long. Not 10.5, 10.7 or 10.4. Each one was 10 inches long. Great work. on 17th Nov 2016

    4. Good stiif wood

      Its good stiff wood! Just watch out for the direction of the grain when you're drilling through it. I learned the hard way that drilling with the grain leads to things cracking too easily. on 30th Apr 2016

    5. Great design

      The best way to build something is to know where it will fail. Flite test did just that by making the cheap easy to swap wooden beams the failing point. When I crashed my electro hub the cheap booms broke instead of the expensive main board. This is why I love flitetest and keep coming back for more! on 19th Oct 2015

    6. Bi-Copter Wooden Booms

      Just completed my first Bi-Copter build using the wooden booms from the good folks at Flite Test.

      They are exactly what I needed for this model, very high quality, strong and straight as arrows.
      on 16th Oct 2015

    7. Bowed Boom

      In addition to RC flying I am also a woodworker with my own part time business. Most of the time Poplar is very stable with very straight and tight grain. However, when any wood species with a pronounced grain pattern is rip cut the grain can (and usually does) pull or bow the piece. One of my booms had this pronounced grain pattern and was warped or bowed in the area of the highly visible grain. These were bought for a tricopter so I elected not to use it. I would suggest to Flite Test that they only cut booms with only straight and tight grain. on 14th Aug 2015

    8. Great Quality Spares

      What more can I say. Pre-cut to size, nicely sanded already. For those that don't want to have to deal with going to the hardware store then cutting to size and sanding down. These are perfect for the kits. I bought them for spares, painted them and they are ready to go if and when I might need them. Thanks for quality products. on 7th Aug 2015

    9. Nice to have spares

      I love flite test and being able to buy spares for my electro-hub on 9th Jul 2015

    10. My Token of Support

      Wooden booms for Bat Bone tri repair and ElectroHub projects. I could source these locally but I want to give back to Flite Test for all they do for our hobby.
      Shipping is always fast reaching Tampa bay Florida within a week.
      on 15th May 2015

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