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VersaCopter Aluminum Upgrade

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    ITS HERE!!! The FT VersaCotper V2 Aluminum Upgrade Kit!!! This is an aluminum upgraded replacement kit that will replace most of the G10 or delrin parts of the first generation VersaCopters.  With an array of color options for you to go crazy with, you can make your customization dreams finally come true!!  Lets Fly!!

    This Kit includes everything you need to upgrade your VersaCopter version 1!  This new little upgrade also includes 1x backside delrin mount for you to mount an antenna, battery lead and zip ties for better organization of your FPV gear!


    4x- Aluminum Motor Mount *(sets)* 
    2x- Aluminum Boom Bracket *(sets)*
    1x- Delrin Structural Casing 
    1x- Delring backside antenna/battery lead 
    1x- 10pck 30mm Screwpack
    1x- 10pck 25mm Screwpack
    12x- 4" Black zip ties
    2x- 8" Black zip ties
    1x- grommet
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    1. Awesome!

      I can't wait to get it in the air! :-) on 9th Jul 2016

    2. Rock solid versa upgrade

      I've been flying on my versa v1 for months now, and it has been the copter i first learned to fly on. After an argument with a tree, the entire sides had been squished by the carbon fiber boom getting dislodged. With these upgrades, not only is it stronger, but it looks cooler and more refined as well. It also frees up the front of the booms because there are not a lot of plastic clamps, which allowed me to ad an led strip to the front and back. on 22nd Apr 2016

    3. Great Upgrade for the Verscopter

      These are a great upgrade for the versacopter. Holds the motors and carbonfirer booms securely. on 29th Mar 2016

    4. Far more durable

      I had a few spills with version 1 and did not break anything, though I only crashed into grass. With this upgrade kit installed I have smashed near full throttle upside down into pavement and smacked straight into a tree. The only damage was a very small tear in the outer layer of the carbon fiber boom on one side. The upgraded aluminum pieces were very minimally chipped but otherwise unharmed. Structurally, they are in perfect condition. The quad as a whole is perfectly flyable since the tear affected only the outer layer of the boom. A good 2/3 of it (speaking in terms of wall thickness) is unharmed. I feel very comfortable flying and experimenting with this quad after having a couple of very nasty crashes and emerging practically unscathed. I would definitely recommend the upgraded quad. on 17th Mar 2016

    5. Upgrade = transformation

      The aluminium upgrade is excellant. The whole copter feels so much more rigid. The side plates stay in place when servicing and building which makes things easier. Very pleased. on 13th Mar 2016

    6. Parts that make the versa worth it

      These updated parts make the versa a good platform for experimenting and testing many options. I can now leverage the versa for several of my projects. Thanks flitetest for the great work. Cheers Neil on 14th Feb 2016

    7. If you have the old mounts...

      ...BUY THESE! My full speed down range run under the phone wires came up a bit high and I hooked a prop and tumbled to a spectacular crash that tore the battery strap and embedded Earth into my motors. It tore a new battery strap! The motors Did.Not.Move.

      Plus, you can micro adjust the thrust angle by loosening and tightening one screw more than the other. Very Precise.

      BUY THESE.
      on 12th Feb 2016

    8. Mehhh

      I was excited to get this kit to get my versa back in the air. I immediately noticed a great improvement with the structure of the quad and the boom mounts. Although after just one time going down, not hard, the Belrin cracked in the center. the plastic is too rigid and doesn't flex without breaking. I really thought that the upgrade kit would address this issue, but it didn't. I rember now why I didn't rebuild this quad immediately after my v1 broke. on 11th Feb 2016

    9. can't wait to get this kit

      so glad to see this kit. saved my versa coupon code just for this. you guys are the best!
      I've been flying the version1 for a few months now and have had a couple of spills but no breakage. this takes the versa to the next level. thanks again!
      on 2nd Feb 2016

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