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Tough Tilt Servo - ES3154 Emax

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    This is the servo that we would recommend for our Tough Tilt Motor Mount Mechanism. 


    Brand: Emax
    Item Name: ES3154 servo
    Operating Voltage:  4.8~6.0V
    Stall Torque: 2.5, 3,
    Speed : 0.14 sec/60° /4.8V ,0.12 sec/60° /6V
    Dimension: 28x12.8x27mm
    Motor: Coreless
    Weight: about 19g
    Plug Available: FUR,JR
    STD Direction: Counter clockwise / pulse traveling 1500 to 1900 usec



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    1. yaw servo

      yup, its a servo with metal gears...........I installed it in flight test servo yaw holder no problems,.......hope to fly it when weather breaks. tough tilt servo matches up to this servo and rotates with no binding..........will purchase another when the need arises.......

      later Ted
      on 1st Mar 2017

    2. FliteTest Keep it up!

      I first got the tough tilt a year ago and been in love it with ever since its made most of my T-Copters my basic size and my new Mini T-Copter fly like a dream the EMAX ES 3154 servo is what makes it come to life as well great tail speed especially when I'm doing funnels!! So be sure to pick up the tough tilt and the ES 3154 servo ASAP! You won't be sorry! on 16th Oct 2016

    3. Indestructible

      The tough tilt is very tough. This is a quality item. on 22nd Sep 2016

    4. The Tough Tilt's weakest link.

      The Tough Tilt mechanism seems rugged enough but the this servo is its weak link. Although it has plenty of torque and the metal gears are sturdy the plastic housing fails. The metal gear shafts will rip free from the plastic bearings in a crash.
      The damage may not be visible and the gears may actually still work if they happen of be in the right position. However, you may suddenly find that you cannot stop turning in flight because the servo suddenly locks up.
      We really need a more robust servo that still fits the mechanism. I plan to switch over to a quads in the meantime.
      on 30th Aug 2016

    5. Tough little servo

      These servos survived a crash that destroyed my versa wing and a few more crashes before that! A little heavier than the plastic servos for obvious reasons but they do their job. on 29th Jan 2016

    6. Bi-Copter Build

      I am using a pair of these servos, that are matched to a pair of tough tilts, on my Bi-Copter and they performing very well.

      I'll be using a third one of these servos on a Tricopter rebuild.
      on 16th Oct 2015

    7. Having bad luck with this one.

      I have to be honest, unfortunately my luck has not be the same as most other reviewers. Now on my fourth servo, and running it with a broken case. This has been the issue with all four. I know FT puts out quality products that's why this review is geared toward the servo manufacturer, not that the folks at FT could not handle the criticism. The case is very thin and brittle, the gears are well made and tough. In a crash the weak link looses. Had one smoked due to tail wag from agresive PID's, two to light crashes (nothing broke but the servo), and the last one broke when I was removing the mount from the case to install it to the tough tilt but still works for now. So I'm on the look for something tougher. This review is not a jab at FT just my honest experience with this servo. on 12th Sep 2015

    8. how does this servo attach to the tough tilt servo assembly for the y3 copter um building..

      how does this servo attach to the tough tilt servo assembly for y3 copter um setting up ??..seems very snug fit.. horizontal or vertical for servo to meet up into hole on mount..? servo seems to be too big.. wow, just read my sounds funny, but do u put the two together..can someone email me a video attatchment or return my question in writing..
      thnx in advance...
      on 10th Sep 2015

    9. this Beast is perfect for this job!

      Very good for the tough tilt. Awesome entry level metal gear servo! on 3rd Sep 2015

    10. Love Emax servos

      I bought these 17g servos for use on elevator and rudder on 2 Dynam 3D planes, but I have also used the Emax ES9051(4.3g) digital servos on my FT Mini builds. My new favorite brand of servos. on 24th Aug 2015

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