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Power Pack F

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    Contains everything needed to power one of our Mighty Mini (single engined) Planes. This kit completes everything you need to build our single engined Mighty Minis. The only other components you will need to fly is a battery/charger and transmitter/receiver. The included motor and ESC comes pre soldered with 2mm Bullets and Xt-30 Connector. We set out from the beginning to make this great hobby more approachable and these all in one electronics packs are another step in that direction. 

    NOTE: Our 12 Amp Esc's now contain Xt-30 connectors!  The industry is moving toward a shift in connectors for a higher safety and satisfaction rating for customers.  We are excited to see this shift impact RC enthusiasts in a positive way! 

    Pack Includes:

    • (1) Motor - EMaxx -2204
    • (1) ESC - BL Heli - 12 amp (Xt-30 Connectors)
    • (4) Servos - ES9051 5g Servo
    • (2) Extensions (20cm)
    • (1) Y-Lead (30 cm) 
    • (4) Linkage Stoppers
    • (2) Propellers (6045)
    • (1) Allen Wrench (1.5)
    • (1) Screwdriver
    • (1) Flite Test Adjustable Lanyard
    • (1) 5 Pack Sticker Set - Flite Test Gremlin Logo
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    1. First time flyer

      Extra pieces for building the FT Alpha kit. Everything worked well. on 8th Feb 2017

    2. 87 year old fan enjoys the challenges of building the Alpha

      Despite being shaky I have pretty much finished the Alpha, I really like the design.
      I had trouble getting the canopy fitted properly, but it works.
      on 21st Jan 2017

    3. power pack are amazing

      they come with everything you need to fly you plane except for a receiver. You need nothing else on 19th Jan 2017

    4. Power Pack F

      Product was delivered in good condition; except the props were CCW instead of CW for the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie planes. Per the build video, the motor is supposed to rotate CCW (Pusher). I had to reverse the direction of the motor to CW to make the props to work. I've contacted support and ask regarding the rotation of the motor and the direction on the build video. The answer I've received confused me more since it didn't make sense that the motor should be rotating CCW and the video showing Josh installing the props with the letters facing backwards instead of forward. Mitch said he will get back with me. on 1st Jan 2017

    5. Not so good.

      This didn't work out too well. I bought this pack for the Tiny Trainer
      I glued the servos into the wing and I think the heat warped the case and jammed the servo. My fault. I'll use less glue in future.
      When I plugged in the ESC it burst into flames. Could have been my fault...maybe.
      The supplied drivers don't fit any of the motor screws. This was a bit irritating.
      on 26th Dec 2016


      Unfortunately one of the four of 5 grams servo from Power Pack F I received today, MISFIRES.
      Working but when the wire witch is coming out from the base of the servo move, the servo turning to one side. Hopefully looking forward, Flitetest will send me an other servo.
      on 15th Dec 2016

    7. On Expecting to receive my order

      On expecting to receive the shipment. I am hope that I will receive the good quality products as always. on 13th Dec 2016

    8. complete package

      All the power packs are really handy. They take the guess work out of what goes with what. One change however I would implement would be to have the screw drivers as an option. Lipo bags too. In the beginning they are certainly a nice touch. However, being on the brink of being an old codger, I already have tools galore, so for me it's kind of a waste. I'd much rather see them go to someone who needs them. on 11th Dec 2016

    9. Decent quality electronics

      I received my electronics in flawless condition, and they were simple to put together, and weren't a hassle. The servo wires seem a little too small for my liking, as they seemed as if they were gonna rip out of the servo connector, there was not a problem with the length of the wires. My motor when I start it up studders a little bit, but that's just nit-picking. Another thing I disliked was the XT-30 connectors, as they were uncommon at my LHS and are rarely used, but adapters can be cheaply made. It would be nice if they made adapters and had them included or sold separately. Other than that, they flew my plane nicely. on 9th Dec 2016

    10. Power pack F

      Great package of parts to get you flying at a reasonable price !
      The motor was protected with foam in a nice plastic case with its screws and wrench . Set came with 2 screw drivers which seem to be nicely built.
      Servos protected in their own boxes,speed control in a plastic bag.
      All in all I'm very happy with these products ! Thank you
      on 5th Nov 2016

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