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Power Pack D (Dragonfly PentaCopter)

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    Contains everything needed to power the DragonFly Pentacopter (Power system only. Transmitter, receiver, batteries, charger, flight controller, tail servo sold separately). This set up is designed to be used with a 3s Lipo battery but is also rated to be used with 4s with smaller props equipped. 

    We have put together this power pack with all motors that have standard threads (righty tighty, lefty loosey), which is the new STANDARD in the multi rotor industry. We also included lock nuts in which we have personally spec'd out specifically to enhance the multi-rotor durability and overall experience.  These lock nuts allow the bolt to pass through the nylon washer.  This enhances the ability for a tighter grip and allows the motor to spin without fear of having your nut flying off and cause damage to your multirotor.  These Nuts are included along with the stock fasteners.

    Note: No power distribution included. If you intend to use this with something other than our Electrohub, you will need a separate power distribution solution. 

    Note: Included EMAX ESC's may not work with Pixhawk flight controllers. 

    Pack Includes:

    • (5) Motors - Emax 2213-935kv (CW Threaded Shaft)
    • (5) ESCs - BL Heli 20 amp XT-60 
    • (5) M6 Aluminum Lock nuts - (Standard/CW threaded)
    • (5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CW
    • (5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CCW
    • (2) Y-Leads 
    • (1) Battery Lead - XT60
    • (1) FT Allen Driver
    • (1) Flite Test Adjustable Lanyard
    • (1) 5 Pack Sticker Set - Flite Test Gremlin Logo
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    1. PWR Pack for Dragonfly

      Received everything in perfect order. Installed all componets as directed, went together with no problems, have not been able to fly because of weather....soon I hope : ]

      later Ted
      on 1st Mar 2017

    2. Like the 3in1 packaging.

      One of the 5 motors wouldn't turn and close inspection revealed a C-clip which should have been on the bottom of the motor stuck to the motor magnet stopping it from turning. Couldn't get the tiny thing back on so sent an email requesting replacement and FT quickly sent out a replacement. Later, I must have screwed up trying to hook up the Naze 32 wiring since because it appears I blew all the BECs on all 5 ESCs but the motors still work with the Vector flight controller but I had to get a standalone 5v BEC which I needed anyway for nav lights.

      All in all I think it's great that they package the motor, ESC, and props all in one package. It makes things easier. I like the Emax brand and will be buying more of their products.
      on 18th Jul 2016

    3. Powerful Pack.

      Nice complete setup, everything seems well balanced and powerful. The only problem I had with this was the shipping, I ordered the Penticopter and got an power pack kit for a quad copter. I think you should change the identification system in place so you don't have to pay extra shipping to get the kits out to customers. I emailed customer support and Jen at flight test replied very promptly the next morning. She had the missing items out the door the same day. Very much appreciated the service. on 10th Aug 2015

    4. ESC overheating, Props braking in mid flite

      The positive things about this kit is that the motors are good. Although, having to use motor specific props will limit your prop choices. Also the long screw driver hex driver and lipo bag was handy. I'll start by saying that I have had two props break while in mid flight. Both were from the downward facing motors. This was early on with less than ten flights on them. No prop strikes beforehand. The first break was on my second flight. Both times I landed the PentaCopter safely. I have changed to APC props and after 20 flights with them, no issues. The second problem is that one of the ESCs is overheating. It's running 30 degrees hotter than the others, too hot to touch. I wouldn't mind so much but Flitetest doesn't sell them individually. Also the power wires on the ESCs are too short. When soldered they are jammed against the Electrohub. Thirdly the Y connectors I received were extremely long. It was almost impossible to fit them inside the hub. I ended up purchasing shorter ones. If you are thinking of using this setup for FPV with a gimbal and GoPro forget it. The extra weight along with a 4s battery and landing gear is too much. You will be hovering at about 65-70% throttle. My flight times are 4 to five minutes with a 4s 45c 4000mah battery. depending on what you're planning to do with this kit my advice for FPV and aerial photography is get lower kv motors and spin larger props.

      on 5th Aug 2015

    5. Well Matched Electronics

      The Dragonfly Power Pack D is well matched for its corresponding ElectroHub kit. The kit came with all of the necessary electronics assemble the multi-rotor excluding receiver and flight controller (I elected to use the Naze32 paired with a 6 channel Orange RX Receiver with CPPM compatibility). I have been very successful in getting flight times in the 20 minutes running these electronics with a Turnigy MultiStar 5200 mAh 3s 10c battery. Even on a 3s, 10c battery, it has plenty of power and is capable of hovering around half throttle. The kit does not come with pusher props for the inverted motor although I easily remedied two of the props by drilling out a slightly larger hole in the prop's hub to accommodate the motor shafts and carefully balanced the props to ensure there was no vibration, although I would like to see the kit come with the correct props for the two inverted motors to make assembly and prop changes easier. Overall it is a very nice performing power pack with few issues and I would gladly purchase it again if I were to build another Dragonfly multi-rotor. on 25th Jun 2015

    6. shiping dept. error?w

      This is the second time that I purchased a penticopter that only came with 4 motors and 4 ESC's. I Won't buy Another! on 6th Jun 2015

    7. Servo Issue

      This was a great copter for me. The build was relatively easy and straight-forward, and it flew great right from the start. The prop issue I've read about wasn't an issue from my perspective (just flip the prop over on the shaft and tighten). the issue that I did have was the fact that the servo that came with the kit didn't work. It whined and buzzed but never moved, even after the system was armed. A new servo got the copter flying, and I am pleased with the results. A good servo out of the bag would've gotten the "Dragonfly" five stars. on 30th May 2015

    8. props are not designed for upside down motor.

      I want to start this review by saying I am a big fan of of flight test. That is the reason I probably paid over the odds for my order with shipping and import cost to the UK. £ 40 approx charges. I was happy that I was giving something back to flite test. After the initial setting up of my dragon fly I got stuck on mounting the upside down motors. Then how to fit the props. An email to the store fixed the motor problem but no reply to the problem of fitting the props from pullers to pushers. The reason is that they are dji style props and do not reverse on the shaft. I have set up a thread on the forum and find I am not alone in noticing this. I will remain a fan and a watcher of all things flite test but I am a little disappointed not to have a reply to my query. on 18th May 2015

    9. 3 bad ESCs out of 5

      One ESC had JST connectors with really small (20ga) power wires. While waiting for a replacement, I built a tricopeter instead of the pentacopter. I then discovered that a different ESC was completely dead and wouldn't spin the motor up. I contacted Alex again, and he said he would send me another one (which never arrived). After one of my two replacement ESCs arrived, I converted my tricopter into a quad. However, the replacement ESC is also bad. Even though I calibrated the throttle endpoints with the rest of them, the prop on one corner spins noticeably slower than the rest. It even stops sometimes mid-flight. It is a crash waiting to happen. Since I was originally trying to build a penta instead of a quad, I swapped out the motor with my spare. Same result, so clearly it is the ESC.

      VERY disappointed. I will be ordering a completely new set of ESCs because I don't trust these with my FPV gear on board.

      Also, the Y connectors are way too long for an electrohub build. When I still thought I was going to get enough good ESCs, I ended up buying a shorter set.

      On the plus side, the motors seem to be great. I like how the props key onto the bell housing so they don't spin freely, even without the nut. Having self-tightening nuts to secure the props is also nice.
      on 7th May 2015

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