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Power Pack A (Minis)

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    Contains everything needed to power one of our Mighty Mini (single engined) Planes. This kit completes everything you need to build our single engined Mighty Minis. The only other components you will need to fly is a battery/charger and transmitter/reciever. The included motor and ESC comes presoldered with 2mm Bullets and Xt-30 Connector. We set out from the beginning to make this great hobby more approachable and these all in one electronics packs are another step in that direction. 

    NOTE: Our 12 Amp Esc's now contain Xt-30 connectors!  The industry is moving toward a shift in connectors for a higher safety and satisfaction rating for customers.  We are excited to see this shift impact RC enthusiasts in a positive way! 

    Pack Includes:

    • (1) Motor - EMaxx - MT1806
    • (1) ESC - BL Heli - 12 amp (Xt-30 Connectors)
    • (4) Servos - ES9051 5g Servo
    • (1) Y-Lead (30cm)
    • (2) Extensions (20cm)
    • (4) Linkage Stoppers
    • (2) Propellers (6x3)
    • (1) Allen Wrench (1.5)
    • (1) Screwdriver
    • (1) Custom Flite Test Lipo Bag (8"x10")
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    1. Awesome Product

      This power pack is great, using it with the mini arrow right now. It has plenty of power even using a much heavier 1300mah 3S battery. This pack will not work with my setup on 4S however. Using all supplied electrics and a FrSky 8XR receiver, the motor and servos over draw and shut either the receiver or ESC down. But on 3S it works flawlessly. Definitely a highly recommended product especially for a new pilot. on 20th May 2016

    2. great for beginners

      Great kit that is especially useful to newcomers to electric planes, such as myself. Allowed me to get my first plane flying quickly without worrying about connectors, servo sizes, etc. However, my motor experienced intermittent twitching during start up from day 1. Eventually got worse and motor would only spin up with the prop and nut removed. Thankfully the Flite Test team quickly offered a replacement motor/ESC so I will be back in the air soon! on 17th May 2016

    3. great for an old time nitro flyer.

      I have been into rc planes for over 30 years. I still prefer nitro but reluctantly I am seeing some of the advantages of ep. This kit is great as it provides everything needed without my having to figure out what is compatible. The motor is going on a mini drake balsa kit. on 9th May 2016

    4. Well thought out kit

      I liked the fact that there was a liPo bag included in the kit. It is a little strange though since at the time when I purchased it they were out of stock on all XT-30 lipos.

      The only other comment is that this is a beginning kit, with the 12a ESC you don't have much flexibility in props. Running a three cell with a 6030 prop pulls slightly more than 80% amp draw on the ESC.
      on 6th May 2016

    5. True to its cause

      Just as the description stated this product includes almost everything to would need to get an RC plane up in the air. All items worked as intended. Shipping was very quick. The only thing I felt should have been included is a set of instructions, however their website has a great video based information source so I'll give the a pass their. This product truly does make the RC hobby accessible to those who are unfamiliar. on 29th Apr 2016

    6. Nice and Simple

      Though my ESC was faulty, they sent me a new one right away. FT trainer works great! on 26th Apr 2016

    7. Great deal

      Got the power pack A for the scratch built Tiny Trainer. Had a great time builting it and putting the electronic in it. Having everything presoldered made the built much easier. I would love to see the power pack minus the Allen Wrench, Screwdriver and Lipo Bag .

      How many Allen Wrench and Screwdiver does one needed anyway.
      on 20th Apr 2016

    8. First Foam Build from Flight Test

      Along with the Tiny Trainer Mini, this was a truly complete build kit - nothing was left out, including a very nice extended allen wrench for reaching hard to get at hex screws! No complaints at all!! on 3rd Apr 2016

    9. Perfect!

      Everything works flawlessly! I also really like how they included extra battery connectors both JST and XT30. Very satisfied on 18th Mar 2016

    10. Oops, 2 electronics Lessons Learned.

      Got my Tiny Trainer and Power Pack A. All was all good. I forgot the note on the web site that says "USE THE SMALLEST SCREWS" for the 1806 motor on the TT firewall. Plugged in the motor and advanced the throttle. The motor made a few sad noises and didn't turn. Oops. Ordered a new motor on Sunday.
      Lesson #1 - Take seriously every little trick the FliteTest guys tell you!

      I finished the plane, painted the glider nose red, plugged in the ESC, RX and battery and took it to the back pasture. The plane glides great, then after about 15 tosses I smelled something electrical. Popped the hatch and ESC had partially melted. I let the throttle stick go full forward, with no motor the ESC had nowhere to send all that power. Another visit to the FliteTest store on Tuesday and new ESC and a set of XT30 connectors are ordered.
      Lesson #2 - on a glider be sure to plug the ESC into a dead channel on the receiver!

      Thanks to FliteTest for having all the stuff I need. I am having a blast learning as I go - it's a good thing the parts are relatively cheap! Meantime channels 1 and 2 still work, so I can keep tossing the glider until the mailman brings the new parts.
      on 16th Mar 2016

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