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Power Pack A (Mini) - TWIN ENGINE

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    Contains everything needed to power one of our Mighty Mini (twin engined) Planes. This kit completes everything you need to build our twin engined Mighty Minis. The only other components you will need to fly is a Y-harness to power both motors, a battery/charger and transmitter/reciever. The included motor and ESC comes presoldered with 2mm Bullets and Xt-30 Connector. We set out from the beginning to make this great hobby more approachable and these all in one electronics packs are another step in that direction. 

    NOTE: Our 12 Amp Esc's now contain Xt-30 connectors!  The industry is moving toward a shift in connectors for a higher safety and satisfaction rating for customers.  We are excited to see this shift impact RC enthusiasts in a positive way! 

    Pack Includes:

    • (2) Motors - Emaxx MT1806
    • (2) ESCs - BL Heli 12 amp (XT-30 Connectors)
    • (4) Servos - ES9051 5 gram servos
    • (1) Y-Lead (30 cm)
    • (2) Extensions (20cm)
    • (4) Linkage Stoppers
    • (4) Propellers (2x Clockwise, 2 Counter Clockwise)
    • (1) Allen Wrench (1.5mm)
    • (1) Screwdriver 
    • (1) Custom Flite Test Lipo Bag (8"x10")
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    1. Good kit but could be better

      This kit comes with MOST of what you will need to get flying. The extras are very simple but yet you cannot fly without them. i needed an extra y-servo harness as my transmitter does not do throttle mixing, and you will also need a xt-30 y-harness to connect both ecs's to the battery. At first I thought i could simply connect 2 batteries but the leads off the esc is not long enough to allow this to happen. on 24th Jan 2017

    2. Worked out great

      I bought the A package for dual prop planes and outfitted two sparrows. Nice to have everything together and not have to purchase separately. on 12th Aug 2016

    3. I love this product

      I have avoided turning from gas flight to electric for a number of years. It is really difficult to know what esc, motor, battery combo is going to both work (not self destruct) and be paired well with the size model I have built. Flite test does this well, eliminating my biggest issue with electric. My only sad not is that I received two Allen tools and no screw driver but I'm going to chalk that up to timing, right after Flite fest. on 6th Aug 2016

    4. Avoid headacaes, this is worth it if you don't have it.

      I am grateful to have these kits. Saves new folks tons of frustration figuring out what you need. on 20th Sep 2015


      this pack is great, but it does not come with the JST Y-Harness, which was a pain on 5th Sep 2015

    6. If u r looking for quality, you are in the correct place!

      Things to have in mind... The ESC and motor are pre soldered so all it need's is connect and fly. Be mind full that the receiver and bateris are not included but you can get them in flitetest without any problem and in a good price too.

      If you are not experienced on electronics and don't know what to buy, flitetest provide you with the best choice of power packs for your models. Remember they design all the planes so they know what's the best combo for each one.

      Other than that the power pack A (mini) tween engine it's awesome! Thanks flitetest!
      on 25th Jun 2015

    7. great products

      You should buy this power pack. No matter what plane you get, it's a great value and you get the flite test screw driver, allen, and lipo bag as well. I love flite test. on 18th Jun 2015

    8. The Complete Kit

      Just like the standard Power Pack A, this has everything needed to get people started with there planes power system. The only thing I wish it came with was a LiPo Alarm. on 16th Jun 2015

    9. A convenient way into the madness.

      Emax parts and everything else seem high quality. The ESC leads are all neatly terminated. It all plugs together very conveniently and looks very nice.. Bench tested everything the day I received it with the 800mAH 2s batteries I also got here. Everything worked so that's encouraging. I cannot comment on performance yet. I used a servo tester I had to get elsewhere due to out-of-stockness. Definitely get a servo tester if you don't have one!

      Couple of points to note...

      The propellers I received are 6030 size which I assume means 6X3. They seem nice quality but more of them would be better. I went and got a bunch elsewhere for when I start crashing :)

      The ESCs have JST/BEC style male (pins) power connectors so make sure your batteries have the female end of that style connector or you will have some soldering to do. The 2s 800 mAH batteries that Flite Test sold me match with JST female (holes) connector and my charger came with an adapter for that style so it wasn't a problem for me. You will need a lipo battery charger if you don't have one - and the knowledge to use it safely. Hint - it's why they give you a Lipo Safe bag. Might burn your house down otherwise...yikes!.

      The Emax BLHeli ESCs are configurable from your transmitter or more conveniently a dedicated programming card. Supposedly the Emax Simon Series programming card works for these but I don't have one so I can't confirm that and it seems odd. Probably the default settings just works for most Flite Test foam board applications. The most important feature to know about for noobs is the Soft Cut 3.0v/cell cutoff which will "gradually reduce the throttle to 31%". This means if the motor starts slowing down on its own you should land and re-charge your battery. Lipo batteries don't like being fully discharged so this helps prevent you from killing your battery and to avoid dangerous cell imbalance conditions that can cause the battery to overheat and even catch fire.

      The Emax 1806 2280kv motors have threaded shafts and are both identical Plus/CW threaded which seems odd for a twin motor setup. Twin motors should counter rotate to balance the torque steer so you really want one CW threaded and one CCW threaded else one of your props will tend to get loose and fall off. Might not be a big issue on motors this size but if counter rotation is your intent you may want to use some blue loctite or similar on the prop thread. I bought this set to have a second motor so this issue was to my benefit.

      I would prefer that Flite Test sold the lipo bag and drivers with, say, a servo tester and a Flite Test hobby knife as a beginners tools package. The bag and drivers are nice but the second set will be unnecessary if you order another Flite Test motor package. More servo leads, propellers and a couple of 2mm prop savers would be better here. Maybe I'm just too focused on crashing :)

      A Flite Test sticker would have been nice. It is such a great logo but I'm too cheap to buy stickers :)
      on 16th May 2015

    10. nice

      nice product run wel on test, but not yet on the air on 12th Mar 2015

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