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Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Kit

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    The FT Tiny Trainer is a Mighty Mini that is specifically designed to cover all the basics when it comes to RC Flight. Whether you are a beginner yourself, or if you are trying to bring a newcomer into this wonderful hobby, the Tiny Trainer will assist them in making every flight a great experience! This plane can be built and converted into 4 different designs that will guide you through every level of getting started flying.


    Educators, group leaders, and parents looking to make a memory with a loved one can build the Tiny Trainer as a free flight (hand tossed) glider or a powered RC airplane.  A little clay in the nose for balance, and your ready to toss the plane back in forth with a friend! Remove the clay and add 2 servos and you have a great 2 channel glider to learn elevator and rudder control. Swap out your glider nose for the powered nose and enter into the world of 3 channel flight. Once you are comfortable with slow lazy eights and graceful loops, remove the polyhedral wing and replace it with the included sport wing. The sport wing will teach you bank and yank skills and enter you into world of aerobatics and precision flight. Install a 3 cell battery and go from cruising to cutting up the sky with vertical lines and exhilarating speed.  

    The Tiny Trainer will also get you up to speed with techniques used with all FT designs.  Every technique from "A Folds" to Folding wing airfoils will be used in this one build.

    This airframe was developed around our Power Pack A electronics kit which is used with the Mighty Mini Series. 

    -Usually ships within 3 business days. 

    -This includes the airframe only (no electronics).

    WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 6.8oz (193g)

    CENTER OF GRAVITY: 1.5 - 1.75 inches (38-44 mm) from leading edge of wing

    CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16 ̊ deflection (elevator/rudder) Expo 30%

    WINGSPAN: 37 inches (940 mm)

    RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 2200 kv 250 size motor

    RECOMMENDED PROP: 6 x 3 prop minimum

    RECOMMENDED ESC: 12 amp minimum

    RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 500 - 800 mAH 2s or 3s lipo

    RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (2 - 4) 4.5g - 9g servos 

    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • Power Pod (Mini)
    • Firewall (Mini)
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • BBQ Skewer
    • Data Sheet
    • Velcro
    • 2 Rubber Bands


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    1. First Build - Tiny Trainer

      My first build, so I selected the Tiny Trainer to get my feet wet. Everything arrived in good condition. The foam board parts were exceptional quality. The precise laser cuts and etching made the build go quite smoothly, just a few razor cuts to remove the unnecessary foam to assemble the parts. The online video of the build steps was critical to follow, even so, I made a couple mistakes along the way... forgot to mount the pushrod guides in the fuselage before gluing down the last side, motor mount on the wrong end of the power pod, even after looking at the video and parts a couple times....

      In the end, the air frame build turned out well, Glider nose, Power nose, and both wings.

      Now for the bad news, connecting the ESC to the battery resulted in a loud pop and release of the magic smoke from the ESC. Rechecked everything and found the ESC has the XT30 connector wired backwards... black wire on the + and red wire on the - terminal. Perhaps a Quality Control issue from the factory??? Better check the inventory.

      I'll definitely buy more kits and work on my flying skills. I'd give 5 stars except for the ESC issue.
      on 18th Aug 2016

    2. FT Tiny Trainer

      Very nice kit, was easy to put together. I watched the video on YouTube, on how to put it together. Very impressed with the kit, and the price. Will order a few more plains. Hope to see you again at the EAA next year. on 12th Aug 2016

    3. mighty mini trainer, one might not be enough !

      This is spare to use for future builds, make patterns for when things don't build right, or screw something up,not to mention being a "Trainer" it's going to get bashed up a lot on 25th Jul 2016

    4. Good kit

      I ordered this kit to have replacement parts for the tiny trainer I already built. It was a little crushed in shipping but it will work for my puroses. on 25th Jul 2016

    5. Great Product

      This was a fun build for my son and I. All the parts were easy to remove and the instructions were easy to follow on the video. Thanks for a great product! on 24th Jul 2016

    6. one is never enough !

      most of what I plan is having enough parts on hand to make templates,& mix & match for scratch build projects, There is no way I could cut parts out with the precision your lazer cutter provides, I plan to use tubes & nose cones from model rockets & see what happens ! on 15th Jul 2016

    7. This is the way to start!

      Although I had experience building FT designs in the past, this one is very easy to follow along with, and the versatility is awesome! For beginners, the polyhedral wing and a two cell at ideal to learn the basics of how to fly RC. It is very easy to upgrade to the sport wing to learn 4channel flight too. My TT has been crashed in many creative ways by many new pilots, and is still an excellent flier. I've had to rebuild the little power pod once, but reinforcing the sides with a gift card or thin wood has strengthened it so that I have no worries about it anymore. If you are looking for THE one kit to get to learn to fly or get into the hobby, this is the one. Yes, the Spitfire is flashier, but once you've learned to fly this little gem, you'll have more fun with the Spit! on 8th Jul 2016

    8. Successful maiden flight

      I just got back from making the maiden flight of the FT Tiny Trainer I built last night. It was a great success. The kit is a great design. It goes together well, and flies well. Josh B does a great job explaining things on the video. I backed up to watch many parts again as I built it. I only built the 4 channel sport wing. If you are new to RC flying, I would recommend starting with the 3 channel wing judging by how the different versions fly in Phoenix flight simulator. One tip on the sport wing: I would make the inboard cuts for the ailerons about 1 cm farther from the center to make the center tab wider to strap the wing on with rubber bands. I also made the aileron slot wider, so that if a rubber band should slip into the slot, it won't jam the aileron. on 5th Jul 2016

    9. Perfect trainer!

      this is by far the best trainer you can get. There are easier planes to fly for a very first flight, but not by much. Those that are easier are twice the price and much tougher to repair WHEN you crash. I stand behind my 10 y/o son while he flys this so I can help when he needs it but after just a few batteries I was just standing there giving advice. on 4th Jul 2016

    10. Mighty Mini Trainer Speedbuild kit

      The Box came all bashed up & starting to fall apart ! My Thanks to "Allison" who packed the Box,as damaged as it was,The contents we're well protected, though the foam board was damaged as well, there was enough of a border surrounding the pieces that get punched out for the build, there was other parts in the box as well, A Mini A power pack, on 20th Jun 2016

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    Flite Test | FT Tiny Trainer

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    Flying Difficulty: Novice
    Build Difficulty: Intermediate