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Mighty Mini Speedster Speed Build Kit

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  • Product Description

    The FT Mini Speedster is a 3 channel slow flyer that it perfect for backyards, gymnasiums, and indoor fly-ins. The FT Mighty Minis can be flown with the recommended electronics below or modified to accept the electronic components from common ready to fly micro aircraft with 10 gram brushless set ups or larger. Their gentle flight characteristics and incredible durability makes this a great and rewarding platform for beginners and experienced pilots alike.  

    Usually ships within 3 business days.
    This includes the airframe only (no electronics).

    Weight -  4.05 oz (115 g) without battery 
    Wingspan - 20.75 inches (527 mm)

    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • Power Pod (Mini)
    • Firewall (Mini)
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • BBQ Skewer
    • Data Sheet
    • Velcro
    • Landing gear wire


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    1. Very Happy!!!... .

      Just love this design! It's simple and well engineered and I believe I'll have a good build session with it! Just love these designs! :) Yes Guys I hope you keep on with all your plane designs as I hope one day(one way or the other?) to build them all. It's like arts and crafts meets R/C! It personnaly gives me hope and something enjoyable to do in my semi-retirement! Thanks'!!! ;) on 23rd Dec 2016

    2. What a Classic Plane to Build.

      Again, what a classic and fun plane to build. Thank you FT team. Our hobby store and flight club...are totally happy with your products (all except the servo-centerer...which should come with instructions on how to use it...but it don't. Please add instructions on how to use).

      Thank you,
      Paul Hicks Owner: Paul's Hobbies & ParanLillie Photography; Pocahontas, AR 72455
      on 19th Dec 2016

    3. Mini Speedster

      So far, the build has been easy except for a few mistakes on my part and sticking my fat fingers in to glue in the servos. It will be a while before I can fly it so I can't comment on its flight characteristics. on 17th Dec 2016

    4. Great Flyer

      Great for a first plane (with a little or no prior simulator time). Flies well in a small area with little to no wind. Great stall characteristics, flies extremely well.

      My Maiden flight:
      on 20th Nov 2016

    5. Nice foam plane

      So I purchased this for my 10 yr old son for his birthday. Thought it would be a good build for me (mom who is not an experience builder) and my son to build together. (Daddy is more experienced but my son would not wait for him to get home). So we purchased the kit with the power pack. I was disappointed that there were no welcome letter or any thing that told me to go watch the videos. So we found and watched the video many times but almost destroyed the motor because the learning curve was going straight up and we didn't hear that there were only two screws needed and that long screws are very bad. The paper would not bend as nice as what the video shows. Over all we are happy with the build. Getting the correct receiver so we can fly it. I would really like a welcome letter provided with key things that a novice like me would not know and info for build. on 14th May 2016

    6. Speed build kits are the way to go!

      After building several scratch builds and having great success I finally pulled the trigger on a speed build kit! So glad I did! Materials are top notch and it all goes together so much quicker! I will still be building scratch builds from FT plans but for the nicer models I want to keep around especially the mini's (much more prone to falure from errors in my opinion) I will be ordering speed build kits! Thank you for everything you do for the RC community! on 6th Mar 2016

    7. Great plane

      This is a great little plane , very addicting I'm ready to order my next one. The plane is great, the staff is great and the support is top notch. I can't say enough good things about them . Try one and see for yourself. on 25th Feb 2016

    8. My first airplane I have ever built!!!

      I was so excited that I kind of got ahead of the instructional video, and now some of the crucial parts of the airplane are not as they should, so I would strongly recommend that if you are going to build this plane, to follow the video along and try to contain your excitement until you are completely done with it.
      The whole thing is just amazing, the material is super, the electronics are super fun to put together. Overall I really loved putting this plane together.
      The tech support you get if you have questions, or need something, is super as well.
      Thank you guys for initiating me into something that I can see now I will be spending lots of time for the rest of my life...
      on 25th Jan 2016

    9. awsome build

      This is my second build from FT, and they are a blast to build, but the best thing is to watch them fly, of course I had a few crashes and busted props, but they fly really good. The thing that really impresses me with FT builds is being able to switch from plane to plane using the same power pod.

      on 26th Nov 2015

    10. Fun plane

      Very easy to build and very easy to fly. Once you get your COG just right this plane is a blast to fly. It is small and light but handles wind so much better than micro planes close to its size. Kit price is very good. Nice that I was able to use an old quad motor and esc. on 22nd Nov 2015

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      Crappy weather? Small backyard? Meet your new best friend, The...
    • Flite Test | FT Mini Speedster - BUILD (Mighty Minis)
      Pick up a Speed Build Kit:

    Flite Test | FT Mighty Minis

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    Flying Difficulty: Novice
    Build Difficulty: Novice