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FT Viggen Speed Build Kit

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    The FT Viggen is a rule breaker. It's a jet that can slow down to a crawl and not stall. Yet it can be fast and track like an arrow. It has a precise and locked in feel. These characteristics make the FT Viggen a great EDF trainer. The fact that you don't have to fly fast all the time and be afraid of stalling makes the FT Viggen so enjoyable to fly. This plane will teach you about the nature and feel of an EDF power system in a safe and controlled manner. The FT Viggen can be flown on either an EDF or a propeller setup. All the way from a light 24 gram motor setup (440 grams flying weight), up to a 70mm EDF with a 4S 3000mAh (880 grams flying weight). The FT Viggen is the first Super Series speed build kit to be added to our store. The Super Series features intermediate build techniques and high performance flight characteristics. 

    -Usually ships within 4 business days. (due to the rush)
    -This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
    -This airframe was developed by David Windestål. 

    Weight -  20.2 oz (574 g) without battery 
    Wingspan - 25.5 inches (635 mm)


    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • BBQ Skewer
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • Data Sheet
    • Velcro

    Recommended Electronics:

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      I built two FT Viggens, one EDF and one pusher (prop). Both flew very well, but the prop-powered pusher version is actually my favorite. It looks like a jet in the air, but doesn't require all the heavy batteries and expensive equipment of an EDF.

      The design is excellent, the build is very easy, and the performance is great. Get'll be glad you did.
      on 5th Nov 2015

    2. Easy Flyer

      Plane went together really easy even when I bought the EDF later. Using a change sun 12 blade fan with 4s nanotech battery works really good awesome thrust and can land basically floating to the ground with the throttle off. on 16th Oct 2015

    3. Fast and Slow - Awesome edf

      This is the only edf jet i have flown. It flies awesome. Super fast, super slow, it loves it all. I built it super heavy with a 1000w 68mm Hobbyking Allow Edf and a 4000mah 4s battery. To give you an idea of how heavy this build is, just those two components weigh 800g. Even still under hand launches are super easy. Coming in for a super slow basically stalling the entire time pass? No problem. I think i even yelled out at the club "try that with your $400 jet!". I get about 6 minutes of mixed flying. Heres some nose cam footage from my last flight practicing some slow passes.
      on 10th Sep 2015

    4. Viggen on 5S rocks

      I printed the plans and built this with a 70mm edf running a 5s system. It was weak on 3s and okay on 4s, but the 5 celss make this thing sound and perform amazing. Pulling about 900 watts, temps are about 175 after a 5 minute flight. Everybody is very impressed with this plane. on 9th Sep 2015

    5. Amazing

      This is an amazing plane i got mine with power pack c and used 2200 mah batteries. Went together in 5 hours (my first "real" build after the 3 pack and it was super easy just time consuming)i put the servos in the rear and had major tail heavy issues so i sill think its ok to have them there but i had my battery partly in the nose with a 500 mah 3s behind it to get balance. Once i got the cg right and trimmed out is flew perfectly hands off it would tract straight as an arrow and was VERY touchy so on the least throw from the linkages and the control horn it really needed dual rates and expo (but my radio doesn't do either) but with the extreme throw came fun with acrobatics.All in all this is an amazing beautiful plane that flies great definitely deserves 5 stars. on 4th Sep 2015

    6. Just awesome

      Just finished building it and had the maiden. I only have one word to say awesome! Perfect design and not to hard to build, not to forget the awesome flight caracteristics! on 23rd Aug 2015

    7. good build!

      David did a great job in designing the Viggen. Unfortunately I did not mount my battery secure enough as it shifted forward during flight. This was only my third brief flight with the Viggen (my first day of flying it) and it was also over a corn field. So...I have ordered a second one ;-) on 12th Jul 2015

    8. The "Swed" has just broke the RC communitiy with this EDF

      Amazing work David Windestal has produced. I highly recommend this jet for a first EDF as it was my mine with great success. I highly recommend useing the point a release launch method seen in the video. I highly recommend package taping the entire plane before making any folds, for Extreme durablity. I highly recommend making spare nose cones, I'm on my 6th. After you build a Viggen you also as well will Highly Recommend. Thanks David. on 22nd Jun 2015

    9. AWESOME!!

      One of my first EDF builds, but it was simiple and easy. NOt to mention that there is the build vid that helps a lot too. Just remember to pick up the Viggen package through Grayson Hobby and it will pretty much set you up. on 11th May 2015

    10. FT Viggen Speed Build Kit

      I purchased this kit a couple of weeks ago, this was the first kit I have bought from and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased with it so far. It took me about 5 to 6 hours to put this jet together. I took care to make sure CG and servo throws were correct before taking it out on its maiden flight and it paid off because it flew perfectly. I've had no issues at all so far after 8 flights. I'll be buying another build kit soon I'm sure. on 2nd Apr 2015

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    Flite Test - FT Viggen

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    Flying Difficulty: Expert
    Build Difficulty: Expert