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FT VersaCopter 280- V2 -Quad Kit

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    When you purchase a V2 Quad Kit, you’ll also receive a FREE gift*! *will show up in your shopping cart

    This quad is built for a 6" prop Set up!

    When adding the E-pack(Best) option, this comes with the 2000KV motors.

    The FT VersaCopter V2 is HERE!! It is all now at your fingertips!  With an array of vibrant colors you can now put your own spin on your VersaCopter. got it! Go crazy and create!  Upgrade now and see all the potential this quad has to offer!!

    This machine is one of a kind!  Its one of the only quads on the market that allows for the consumer(YOU!) to customize and create their very own flying machine!  Not only do you get to change and flip colors, but you can also take the copter itself and reconfigure it in different ways!  The FT Versacopter V2 Quad is now tougher and better then ever!  Make yours today and become part of the "V2-EXPERIENCE"

    The FT VersaCopter V2 Quad Kit includes:

    1x- Top VersaCopter Plate

    1x- Bottom VersaCopter Power Distribution Plate

    2x- Carbon fiber booms

    4x- Aluminum Motor Mount *(sets)* 

    2x- Aluminum Boom Bracket *(sets)*


    1x- Delrin Structural Casing 

    1x- Delring backside antenna/battery lead 

    1x- 10pck 30mm Screwpack

    1x- 10pck 22mm Screwpack

    2x- FT battery straps


    12x- 4" Black zip ties

    2x- 8" Black zip ties

    1x- grommet

    1x- FT sticker

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    1. Nice starter but has some issues

      It's a nice first frame, would like to say I love the flite test crew and their videos. Rugged frame has a lot of nice aspects (room, easy assembly, nice components). My main issues are the placements of the battery straps they basically run across solder points on the pdb hasn't been an issue yet but not something I'm loving and my biggest complaint is the motor mounts honestly they are all different I ordered red/black and two of the red mounts REQUIRED spaces under the motor not BC of the mounting screws but BC the bottom of the motor shaft is grinding the carbon tube used for the arms. I've switched the mounts around in various combinations it still grinds on two of them not a deal breaker though. FT has done a really good job putting together a package for beginners and I applaud their efforts. on 11th Feb 2017

    2. awesome drone

      I've never built a drone and so the versacopter was my first and it's amazing! it is easy to build and is durable. And the best part about it is how you can customize it in many ways like its compatibility with a lot of flight controllers, motors, and escs. on 11th Dec 2016

    3. Very nice

      This is a great product. Only problrm i had was with some of the motor mounts allowing the motor shaft to hit the poll and not spin. The flight test team was very helpful with this problem and it was quickly resolved. on 2nd Dec 2016

    4. included screws are too short

      All but two of the M2 buttonhead screws that came with the set are too short. They need to be 30 mm, but they're 25 mm long. I can't assemble the frame this way and now I have to go to a hardware store and buy additional screws. Also, at least one of the small "centerpieces" is missing. I know, some of them are extra but still. It says "packed by Joy".
      In total I paid close to 100 bucks for this (shipping to Germany and tax) which, given the obvious lack of quality control, is not really a bargaign.
      on 27th Nov 2016


      The item already in my hands
      Thank you very much
      on 20th Nov 2016

    6. This has been a fun project.

      I had a great time putting together this multirotor. With minor soldering I had this together and flying in less than an hour. There are a lot of extra pocket screws and nuts, which is a bonus if you lose stuff like I do. All of the extra holes in the body have been great for adding 3D printed knickknacks like camera gimbals and landing gear. on 14th Nov 2016

    7. Good Product

      Been flying (and crashing) non stop for the last two weeks. Has served with no issues. on 10th Nov 2016

    8. Nice kit. Seems easy to customize. Seems durable.

      Nice quad good quality easy build. on 9th Oct 2016

    9. first time quad builder and flyer having a great time!

      after just about a year flying rc airplanes, i was eager to try flying multirotor as well. i bought a versacopter with the "good" E-pack and just maidened it this morning. the build was as straightforward as always with flitetest-products. it did take some time on google and various forums to get the naze32v6 up and running - nothing i wasnt expecting.
      i spent 6 batteries hovering and tuning PID, walking the dog and just having a blast. on the last battery i got a bit over-ambitious and managed to perform a spectacular and fast crash - after changing all 4 props i was up and flying again (back to walking the dog). i was really impressed how nothing else got damaged!
      hats off to flitetest!!! you do a superb job at getting people into this hobby. i have a bunch of speedbuild-kits and a case of foam-board waiting to get turned into AFO's (awesome flying objects)...!
      on 8th Oct 2016

    10. AWESOME quad but had issues with the motors binding on the booms

      Great product but I had issues using the new E-Pack 2206 Lumenier 2000KV (Best-2) motors, they were binding against the boom as the motor shaft is either too long or the boom clamps are too short. I had to add 3x washers on each bolt to raise the motor away from the boom clamp. Other than that I loved the build (took about 2hrs) everything else went together flawlessly. The suggested PID settings on the Naze32 Flitetest vid were way out for me??? it was bouncing around all over the place. I put mine back to the default that the Naze came with and its soo much better, still some tuning to do but atleast I can fly it. And it flies AMAZING, the punch of the E-Pack 2206 Lumenier 2000KV (Best-2) motors are brilliant (it is my first quad though so nothing to compare it against). Just love this quad and cant wait to keep flying it. on 19th Sep 2016

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