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FT Simple Storch Speed Build Kit

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    The FT Simple Storch is a fun and relaxing flyer for new and experienced pilots alike. It is a 4 channel plane with the options of flaps, flaperons, and even leading edge slats just like the full scale Storch! With it's wide speed envelope and stol capabilities this is truly a park flyer. 

    -Will ship within 3 business days. 
    -This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
    -This airframe is compatible with the swappable series developed by Josh Bixler.

    WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 1.8 lbs (816 g)

    CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2 inches (51 mm) from leading edge of wing

    CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16 ̊ deflection (ailerons/elevator/rudder) Expo 30%

    WINGSPAN: 57.5 inches (1460mm)

    RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 810 kv minimum

    RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 4.7 prop

    RECOMMENDED ESC: 18 - 30 amp

    RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 1800 - 2200 mAH 3s

    RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (4 - 6) 9 gram servos 


    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • Power Pod (Swappable)
    • Firewall
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • Bar-BQ Skewers
    • Data Sheet
    • Velcro
    • Landing gear wire
    • Popsicle stick


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    1. Simple Store first time build

      Love this kit will definitely buy more from Flite Test. Also love the build and flight videos. on 10th Mar 2017

    2. Great first plane

      First time flying a plane for quite a few years and it flew great. I upgraded the landing gear to pool noodle based ones on 9th Mar 2017

    3. Great platform

      I commend your group for giving new members like myself, the confidence to pursue this hobby. I thoroughly enjoy your pod cast and evaluations of the verity of products.We are planning to take what we've lured from you to students in our local area.Thanks for the content al education.
      on 7th Mar 2017

    4. Great Beginner Plane!!

      I am really happy with this plane. The building was easy and it flies really well.

      The two reasons I'm marking it down is because:
      1. The landing gear wire is really really hard to bend. My plane is crooked on the ground because I had such a hard time bending them.

      2. I think that when you put the wings on they have to be straight not tilted one way or the other otherwise, it tilts to which every direction quite significantly. This is frustrating because I frequently fly by myself and it's hard to get those wings on right by yourself.
      on 24th Feb 2017

    5. Great all-around fun plane to build and fly!

      Recently I wanted to get back into the RC hobby after being inactive for about 15 years. I needed a plane that was quick to build and easy to fly, but still fun once I got beyond being a beginner again. The Storch was perfect! In fact I just got a second Storch kit as my first one is starting to look a little ragged after 6 months of heavy use. on 21st Feb 2017

    6. A Great Trainer, too!

      In training some of my customers and friends to fly RC planes, I use the FT Storch for some. They love the size and how easy it is to repair....and after practicing on a simulator for a while...they learn to fly a real RC (like the Storch)....with great success. on 8th Jan 2017

    7. Avery nice kit

      This kit, like all FT kits are precisely cut, however a few such as this one needs a bit more thought put into its design. It seems to fly well and that isn't my point, it's things such as the battery placement is too far back on my model. had to add a 4" piece of foam board to get the battery far enough forward to get a good CG (using a 3s 2200mah battery).

      Con: I much prefer written and pictorial instructions. The build videos are a bit misleading in that they over simplify some elements of construction and they are a pain if your computer is in a different room.
      on 31st Dec 2016

    8. Simply the Best Starter.

      A perfect balance of ease, affordability and fix ability. Most importantly, this build also subtly points out that attention to detail is crucial. Where someone may be on the fence about taking on the hobby...this plane/build makes that vision a reality. I can't say enough about how the builds at Flite Test have enriched this hobby for myself and others. The point is clearly proven via You Tube video entries. Love this plane build. Can't Thank You all enough. Wish you the best of success! on 16th Dec 2016

    9. Fantastic

      I have been flying models for almost 40 years. Got out of the hobby for a while. My son introduced me to Flitetest in 2014, I bought the Storch and haven't looked back. Best flying and least expensive, plane I have ever had. on 4th Dec 2016

    10. Usually impressed by the kits they sell.

      I have ordered several kits from FT and they have all been great quality. I received the FT storch and it had damage. The nice thing about foam board it is fixable. I know if I would have sent them a message they would have replaced the kit. I can't blame FT for damage during shipping. I know they take great care in everything they do. This is a wonderful A/C with great flight characteristics. Thanks for a great flying A/C. on 18th Nov 2016

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    Flite Test - FT Simple Storch - Build

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    Flying Difficulty: Novice
    Build Difficulty: Intermediate