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FT 22 Speed Build Kit

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    The FT 22 is a fun flyer that beginners and advanced pilots can enjoy together. This 2 sheet design is the first of our new Simple Series, which uses the FT Elements Simple Firewall, instead of a power pod. Considering the sleek look of the FT22 and it's excessive elevon control surface throws, the FT22 is actually a very forgiving platform that we would even go as far to say that it would be a great first plane/trainer. This is an excellent introduction to bank and yank style flying. With a smaller motor and battery, this plane could easily be flown indoors in as small as a 2 court gymnasium and with a heavier set up it penatrates well enough to be flown in light to moderate wind. 

    Usually ships within 3 business days. 
    This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
    This airframe was developed by Chad Kapper and Josh Bixler.

    • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 8.3 oz (235 g)
    • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 15.5 - 16 inches (394 - 406 mm) from the tip of the nose
    • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 40 ̊ deflection, Expo 30%
    • WINGSPAN: 25.5 inches (635mm)
    • RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 24 g 1300 kv minimum
    • RECOMMENDED PROP: 9 x 4.7 slow fly minimum
    • RECOMMENDED ESC: 10 - 25 amp
    • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 500 - 1300 mAH 3s
    • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (2) 9 gram servos 








    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • FT Elements Simple Firewall
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • Data Sheet
    • Velcro


  • Product Reviews


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    1. Awesome!

      I have not assembled the kit yet, but it came very well packaged and looks to be of excellent quality. So far I am very impressed with Flite Test and look forward to getting this bad boy in the air. Once this kit is done and if all goes well, I will be back for more speed builds without a doubt

      Once I have built the kit I will update this review.
      on 27th Feb 2017

    2. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

      I bought this as my first plane. It was easy to assemble; the hardest part was putting the linkage stoppers on the servo arms. After I balanced it out I immediately tried to fly it. I crashed it in the first 30 seconds of being in the air. I completely destroyed the nose. Even though the nose is destroyed, it still flies great. It's been surviving every crash since the first one with almost no damage, even when I hit the ground nose-first. Not only does it look amazing, but because the propeller is pushing the plane instead of pulling you don't have do worry about damaging your expensive electronics when you crash. I would definitely recommend this plane to anyone who is just getting into the hobby. on 17th Dec 2016

    3. Great kit

      I am getting back into the hobby as my boys have shown interest in it lately. We selected the F 22 as our first flite test kit. We completed the airplane in about two or three hours and it went together beautifully. This past weekend we flew it several times. Due to our inexperience we had several crashes and the nose broke off, however with some hot glue and reinforcements we were back in the air in no time. Last night we were flying over the Rose Bowl in the setting sun and the plane was silhouetted in the sunset. You couldn't tell it wasn't a full size plane. Memories were made. Thanks for creating such a great kit. on 7th Nov 2016

    4. My first speed build kit

      The kit was great..The only issue have is the laser shrinks the foam back from the edge leaving a thin paper me it makes for a little sloppier construction. I used a small out runner I had 1600kv with a 8-4...Couldn't get it to .hover . Im sure if I had the same power combo that was on the plane in the video it would have flown better..over all I liked the speed build kit enough to order another one.....Would rather support the team by buying the speed build kits than cutting everything out by hand...been there done that, at 65 I'd rather support Flite-Test by buying their kits. Thanks Guys.. on 31st Oct 2016

    5. So far I am Having Fun!

      Have the speed build fever. I put this together and wasn't exactly perfect in my build, but have learned my mistakes and have ordered two other models to build.
      Getting back to the FT-22, this is a blast to fly. I couldn't stop laughing while I was flying it because it was easy and fun. I have been building and flying quads and hexacopters for little more than a year and started flying fixed wing about 4 months ago.
      This plane is so easy to fly I think it could be a first plan for many and I am not that good yet.
      If you been thinking about buying this, go for it. it is wicked awesome!

      on 20th Oct 2016

    6. Looks a little bit small.

      A little bit small, so feels pretty.
      My control skill is not good. But it's very funny.
      It's good.
      on 20th Sep 2016

    7. Better than a store bought plane

      I got this plane about 5 months ago. I thought it looked really cool and I had some left over parts to put on it. I got the kit and built it in a very short amount of time. Maybe 2 hours. Sine it was the peak of winter I didn't get to maiden it for real until 4 days ago. Before I had launched it and it would crash or land or whatever you want to call it after 15 feet. Finally got a smaller battery (was using a 1300 3s) and now I use a 1000 3s. I was afraid to use full throttle so it just kept gently crashing. Finally I said the heck with it and took it for a real maiden. It flew amazingly. I was using a 24g motor and 18a esc. It was a little heavy but flew great. After about 3 days I had it to the point beyond repair. So I set about having some fun and putting it to rest in the ground. Was a difficult task to break it. After a few straight down dive from 20' it was still going strong. All that I can say is that it would be a great trainer. BTW it was my second plane. First was a hobbyzone champ. on 28th Apr 2016

    8. Love it!

      I absolutely love this plane! I scratch built it in no time. Probably a little advanced for a first plane but great for a 2nd or 3rd one. It loops and rolls easily. If you buy the kit go ahead and get some dollar tree foam board and trace out the nose fuselage on it a few times before you glue it up. You will crash it and thats what takes the beating. Then you can easily remove the damaged nose and put a replacement on. on 10th Mar 2016

    9. love it!

      My son loves his new airplane. Great product. Well-made. on 9th Mar 2016

    10. Awesome

      Easier than I thought. The laser cut pieces were excellent. I made my own first then ordered from flitetest. I probably won't make my own again. The kit makes it so nice. on 26th Jan 2016

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    Flying Difficulty: Novice
    Build Difficulty: Novice