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Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board By Adams(50 Pack)

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    NEW Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board by Adams is HERE!!!! This stuff is AWESOME!  When it comes to rain, humidity, fog, waterfalls ;) etc... this stuff withstands the TEST!  Each sheet is coated with a water resistant paper that still allows for you to lazer cut, lazer etch, score and build this product into all of our different airplane designs!  We cannot stress enough about how durable this stuff really is!  YOU HAVE to try it for yourself!  Please, let us know how you like it and how it performs.  We would love to get your feedback!  LETS BUILD!!!

    We here at Flite Test understand that to ship boxes of foam board is expensive, so that is why we have discounted the original price of $100.00/box to $90.00/box.  We want to allow everybody to be able to get their hands on this type of foam board because we believe in its standard and durability!  So, go to your local hobby shops and tell them you want to see them carry this FT Water-Resistant Foam Board by Adams so we can make it EVEN MORE accessible and cost effective for every person in the great hobby that is RC FLIGHT!!  Thanks so much for your support and Happy Building and flying!


    50x (30in x 20in)  3/16" polystyrene foam sheets of Flite Test water-resistant foam by adams.

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    1. Much better product!!!.

      This my second box as I share boards with club members. Donated many bare bones Bloody Wonders and Barons to club so BNF members can enjoy and participate in combat flights, In-turn they donate something to field maintenance. $5 turns into to needed $$$. Agree with most evaluations. No warp here. on 10th Mar 2017

    2. Love this stuff

      It just makes sturdier planes than DTFB. Also much easier to paint! on 27th Jan 2017

    3. warped

      Sadly this foam boar was recieved warped. If I hold one side down on a table the other corner is 4 inches off on the other side. I have tried a blow drier as well as putting the foam under a piece of plywood for 4 days in a temperatur controlled room. All of these meathods havent changed anything. As a result, my bushwacker stabilizers and wingtips are warped. on 13th Jan 2017

    4. Don't even consider the non water proof foam board

      This foam is not just better because it's water proof. The quality of the planes built with this foam is head and shoulders better. The appearance of the finish planes is significantly better. It seems to be much stronger and resists moisture. The white foam board is a sponge in comparison. I will not use anything else from now on. It is well worth twice the price of the white foam board. on 19th Nov 2016

    5. This stuff is FANTASTIC!!! Not sure it's from earth....

      Ok, been scratch building planes (countless number now) for a while out of dollar store foam and I was expecting a few problems with this new foam board. First, does it adhere as well as the white since it seems to have a coating? YES, better! Second, does it cut the same? YES! Third, does it hold paint? YES, better! Fourth, is it durable? YES, better! Last, does it de-laminate as easy as the white? NO!

      In other words, this stuff is great to work with. It's superior in every way to dollar store foam board. I highly recommend it. Even buying it in bulk at $2.00 a sheet is preferable than the $1 foam because I don't have to use a $1 paintbrush to seal it plus the cost of sealer. Can't say enough good about this stuff. You want one down side? You do have to prime it if you want a good paint job with certain colors such as red, yellow, etc. This would increase weight but then again, that's why I overkill on the engine size of every plane I build. Thanks for making this stuff!!! My 50 sheets will go fast!!
      on 21st Apr 2016

    6. Best product around!!!

      The Flite Test team got it right with this waterproof foamboard. Easy to build and even easier to paint. No more fussing with sealing tape trying to make a good looking airplane, just spray paint your heart out. on 6th Apr 2016

    7. As good as the white paper foam board, but better because it is water resistant and stiffer!

      Worth the extra cost over the white paper foam board. Seams stiffer and like it will hold up much longer; (time will tell). No more worry of night time dew on the ground or other weather conditions. Love the box art also. Time to build some more.... Thanks Flite Test and Adams for a great new product for our plane builds. on 3rd Apr 2016

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