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Emax CF2822 1200kv motor with collet

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    1. Nearly indestructable

      This motor will take amazing abuse. I taught myself to fly with these motors, and this is only the second I have bought! on 10th Mar 2017

    2. The Perfect Motor

      I have about 7 of these motors and they all run great. They are super quiet and no vibration. I use them on both pusher and tractor planes. They weigh 39 grams and put out 850 grams of thrust. There are a lot of real jet engines that don't have that thrust to weight ratio. I think it is the perfect motor or the FT Explorer. The plane and the motor are so light that it just floats around all day long. You can't go wrong with this motor. on 8th Feb 2017

    3. Spun out of the mount

      I have used this motor on my FT Flyer and a scratch built plane I made inspired by an Ugly Stick. The motor does fine with one exception I have spun the motor inside of the mount multiple times. I have had 2 of these motors the first one I was doing high Alpha with the FT flyer and the motor spun out of the mount and completely pulled the wires out. The problem is the 2 set screws on that hold the motor into the motor mount strip really easily. I used lock tight on my second motor and still had a problem with spinning the motor inside the mount. I have a friend that flies on the Sappo motor with his FT Flyer. I think I will be switching. on 13th Jan 2017

    4. Fine motor, but...

      I like the motor just fine. Reliable, rugged, powerful enough, light enough. Bought my first one in the Power Pack B and have bought 2 more for additional planes. It's the only motor I've ever flown.

      But on the Flite Test store website, it's shown with a prop saver. It comes with a spinner. The spinner is fine, but it's not a prop saver that I hoped for.
      on 14th Aug 2016

    5. Great motor. Lots of punch

      This is a great motor. I tried 4s and it screams, but only use it on the 8 inch prop FT sells. 3s on a 9 inch prop is also great. I bought one but FT actually sent me two, I'm guessing by mistake because I definitely payed the 15 dollar price tag. Oh well, I have an extra! on 30th Jun 2016

    6. great motor but...

      I had an issue with my ft bronco power pack one of the motors wasn't working properly so i ordered a new one and once the new one showed up i noticed the shaft is not as long as the original motor, i matched the exact motor number off and ordered the correct motor but, ran into this problem instead, still trying to see if it adversely effects my ft bronco on 25th Apr 2016

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