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ElectroHub Dragonfly Kit

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    The Rotor Bones ElectroHub DragonFly Kit

    Kit includes all the parts for a complete airframe: 

    1 X ElectroHub

    1 X Tough Tilt Motor Mount

    2 X Motor mount Disc Sets 

    5 X Wood Booms (1/2" X 10")  

    20 X Stainless Button Head Screws and Locknuts (M3 x 20mm) 

    3 X Simple AP Landing Gear

    2 X Velcro Straps 

    NOTE: Electronics sold separately.





    Recommended Parts:

    Option1: Flite Test Power Pack D

    Option2: Click here for complete electronics kit (

    Option3: Click here for complete electronics kit (LazerToyz)

    Recommended Servo: Emax ES3154


    Control Board:

    Naze 32 Flight Control Board
    KK2 LCD Flight Control Board

    X2212-980KV Motor

    Suppo 2212/15 930kv Brushless Motor (Park 400 equiv.)

    Speed Controllers:

    Lumenier 30 amp ESC with SimonK Firmware


    10x4.5 SF Props

    HQ Prop 9x4.5 Carbon Composite Prop

    HQ Prop 9x5 E Carbon Composite Prop

    1800 - 2200 mah 3S

    2200 - 3000 mah 4S

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    1. Solid Kit

      Awesome design and great product! FT is solid and I can't recommend them enough for getting good stuff and ifno out to a hungry community! on 3rd Sep 2015

    2. a good powerhouse platform

      The frame is great, but is a little cramped for an apm board with all of the equipment that goes with it. Besides that, it is top notch quality! on 16th Aug 2015

    3. Flies really well and is very cool

      The dragonfly is a very cool design. It flies well and looks fantastic in the air. I have had it on two different flight controllers. Currently using EagleTree Vector. I recommend something very reliable as dragonfly's arms don't take crashes very well. So far this has been a very rewarding project. Continuing to do tests of various flight modes. But, so far everything is great (except the stock landing gear. . I have the old ones. . ordered the new ones) on 14th Aug 2015

    4. Awesome Beginners kit!!!

      Love it! I bought this kit so I had the option of doing 3 different setups. This is all new to me in practice, I've been doing tons of research, but this is my first time building and flying a multirotor. I'm setup as a quad right now, but that has been to my advantage. I've had spare parts as I've been stumbling through this project. So far I've been off the ground less than 10 minutes and I've lost a left hand threaded prop nut and a propeller. I've broken two booms and ripped three esc pads off of the PSB. Once I'm comfortable with 3 axis flight I'm going to start changing my configurations. on 12th Aug 2015

    5. Simply Awesome

      This is my first large multirotor and so far it is awesome. If there was one thing I would change, it would be the electrohub, I wish it could be just a little bit bigger.once you start getting all the components mounted things start getting a little crowded. I bought this as a complete package with the power pack which is pretty nice. everything seems to be well balanced and it has gobs of power compared to the weight of it. Very nice setup with the Naze32 on it. Cant wait to get enough time flying it to add FPV gear and a camera gimble. Great job flight test!! on 10th Aug 2015

    6. Can't wait to maiden my first RC

      These are my first steps into RC. I love everything so far. my package arrived quickly, I don't think it took more than three business days from the time of purchase to get my FliteTest branded box, I hope it isn't my last, the contents were well packaged and neatly organized. The only reason I haven't put it together yet, is that I'm waiting for my new 3-in-1 soldering station, heat gun, and benchtop DC power supply to arrive so I can put everything together. I purchased a Naze32 full with barometer and magnetometer from another site. Unfortunately no one carries a pre soldered Naze32 full. Aside from that it is kind of hard to attach everything to you power distribution board without a soldering iron. I'll write another review after i've gotten everything together. A warning though the instructions that come with the ESC's do not work correctly for trying to manually change the program settings using your Tx. That is not FliteTests fault. on 6th Aug 2015

    7. Sweet

      Assembled with KK2.1.5 and it flew great right off the bat. Looks cool too. Assembly was a snap. Many great ideas come together in one box. Think I'll make a hex out of it for AV next. on 5th Aug 2015

    8. simple idea easy to put together

      The electro hub was a breeze to put together. It made soldering and arm placement straight forward without complication. on 13th May 2015

    9. Awesome!

      This is an awesome platform! its an easy build a little tight but everything fits. The only issue I had was there was a twisted boom that came in the kit.. but that was easily solved with a razor and some whittling skills. Other than that 0 issues on 24th Apr 2015

    10. Best Platform For The Money

      I have been building helis for several years now, and this has got to be one of the cleanest airframes that I have assembled. Flite Test kits are the way to go especially if you are new to the hobby. The kits and the recommended power packs are all you need to get airborne provided you already own a radio. The dragonfly is especially suitable for AP as well as novice pilots as it is designed with redundancy. There is nothing more heart wrenching than losing a craft due to a control surface failure, and with the addition of two motors to a tricopter configuration nearly eliminates that possibility. The electrohub is an excellent design that helps keep wiring clean. Plenty of solder points and pre-drilled assembly points to make whatever configuration and power whatever accessories you want. All of this plus extremely fast shipping is why Flite Test will be my go to site for future builds. on 5th Apr 2015

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