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BLHeli Series 20A ESC (XT60)

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    1. Good For Plug n Play Terrible for Direct Solder

      This ESC is very big compared to other 20amp escs. Since flying quads, I've become accustomed to direct soldering components. The very first motor lead I tried to desolder pulled the contact pad off, ruining the esc. I tried to do the other two with the same result.
      My mistake I guess, be careful if you attempt to do the same.
      on 11th Mar 2017

    2. Never felt it hot.

      Great product that comes in the B Motor Pack, or by itself. It's so nice that it comes with the ESC wires pre soldered so that you can connect directly to the motor. That saves a lot of time and hassle. Great ESC. You've got to love Flitetest! on 8th Feb 2017

    3. ★Amazing products Amazing people★

      This is supposed to be a product review and the product is very high quality and has a very good price but my hats off to the folks at flite test, you are truly amazing and inspiring people you have gotten me back into the hobby along with my whole family thank you for all that you do and we hope to meet each and everyone of you at Flite Fest 2017.
      on 1st Feb 2017

    4. Works as promised

      Very happy with the ESC. Reliable. Haven't tried any of the fancy modes, and as a newbie I don't understand most of them. I might try stopping the prop on zero throttle some day. But until then I'll fly. This is the only ESC I've ever flown. Bought the first one in the Power Pack B, and then just added more for additional planes. on 14th Aug 2016

    5. Great product

      These work as advertised, and at a great price. I burned one out with a crash in a puddle, but it was a quick and affordable replacement to get the plane back in the air. on 25th Apr 2016

    6. Upgrading for fun... .

      Very pleased with this, I am actually going to upgrade for my next build. And this one will enable me to put in a larger esc/motor! Very happy! :) on 23rd Apr 2016

    7. 20 amp esc

      I have Mini Guinea. It flew fine for about 10 flights then on motor did not start right and did not run at the same rpm as the other motor. Thats why I ordered 2 more esc units. I have not tried the 3 cell batteries or the propellers. Also the first Mini Guinea I ordered did not come in shrink wrap and was bent so bad I could not use it so I ordered a second kit which am flying now. Thanks Jim on 5th Mar 2016

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