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Baby Blender Speed Build Kit

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  • Product Description

    The Baby Blender Swappable is an excellent transition into four channel flying and more advanced building techniques. With gentle stall characteristics and a wide speed envelope, the Baby Blender will enable you to experience all the benefits of four channel flight. Tight loops, rolls, hammerheads, snap rolls, inverted, and even high alpha are all possible with this design. The Baby Blender will quickly take away your intimidation of flying a four channel biplane, and take you back to your childhood when the only limitation was the lead in your pencil and the size of your paper. 


    -Usually ships within 3 business days.
    -This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
    -This airframe is compatible with the swappable series developed by Josh Bixler.

    Weight -  14 oz (without battery) 
    Wingspan - 24 in (610 mm)


    Kit includes:

    • Laser-cut foam airframe
    • Posterboard turtle deck and wing tip covers
    • Power Pod (Swappable)
    • Firewall
    • Zip tie
    • Push rods
    • Control horns
    • Velcro
    • Bar-BQ Skewers
    • Popsicle Sticks
    • Rubberbands
    • Coffee Stir
    • Data Sheet
    • Throw Gauge
    • Foam Wheels
    • Rod for landing gear
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    1. Nice but could be better

      Everything is cut perfect... The only issue is that the elevator is weak where it passes through the rudder. The addition of popcicle stick in the middle helps. The laser that cuts the foam melts it back from the edges sometimes a little to far. Other than that great build! on 18th Mar 2016


      Definitely not for beginners. Has strong tendency to nose-over during takeoff and landing. I recommend bending the landing gear forward as far as possible.

      Once in the air, it's flies okay. But doesn't have much natural stability. This makes it very maneuverable, but not forgiving. An intermediate pilot will have no problem, but a beginner pilot may be overwhelmed.
      on 5th Nov 2015

    3. Fun to fly, easy to learn.

      I've now purchased two of these Blenders and can therefore agree that this plane does not suffer a hard landing well. Add that to it's short tail moment and tendency to nose-over and one must be very careful about damaging the high-wing.

      However, providing you've got the balance point correct, this little flier is great fun in the air. It has great elevator authority and when coupled with some rudder input and complete some impressive rolls.

      I was really surprised at how stable the BB is and therefore was happy with letting one of my buddies fly who is new to the hobby, it is a good plane for an early-intermediate/late-beginner to fly.
      However, as I said above, it is rather fragile so be careful about tip stalls on final.

      Stall characteristics are pretty tame in the air due to the double aerofoils, however it has a tendency to tip stall (especially on final!). When you bring the Blender into land make sure to keep it quite fast right up to wheels down as the non-tapered wings means that when one bit stalls, they all stall!

      In summary, when you combine the stubby wings and short tail moment with a slightly-nose heavy CG and some speed you've got a great and stable flier.
      on 24th Jun 2015

    4. Fun to build, fantastic to fly!

      This is the third Flite Test plane I've built with my brother. We've been flying RC planes for about a year and a half, and we are completely addicted to Flite Test. The Baby Blender certainly did not disappoint! The build was pretty simple, but challenging enough to be really fun, and took me about three hours. (Although we goof around a lot when building. Could be built much faster, but we like to take our time and have fun. I built it with an e-flite 30 amp esc and an e-flite park 400 motor, and it turned out beautiful! Very gentle stall characteristics, flew beautifully. Take offs and landings are a breeze, as are basic aerobatics. I have quite a few planes in my collection, and this one is by far my favorite to fly. The build video covered everything you could possibly need to build this plane perfectly every time. it flew simply and beautifully! I would recommend this plane to anyone who likes to fly, and/or build planes! Thanks FT, we love all your planes, and this one is especially remarkable! on 20th May 2015

    5. good kit

      kit was fine except missing landing gear wire. still not received 10 days later on 3rd Mar 2015

    6. Fun to fly, not for beginners,

      Fun to fly, but not for beginners, top wing breaks to easily that everytime you crash its back to the shop. Theres alot to line up and build correctly, i'd start with a crop duster type plane if you wanted something more basic/easier to start with.

      the suggested engine types dont seem to have enough power for any fun type of flying, plenty for going around in circles though. itd be nice if they suggested a more powerful power train.
      on 16th Feb 2015

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    Flying Difficulty: Novice
    Build Difficulty: Intermediate