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Angle Arm Brackets (Wooden)

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    Hop up your multirotor with these angled arm brackets! Designed by the Angry Swordsman himself (Eric Monroe), this simple mod will improve performance, stability and even help avoid getting those pesky booms in your shot when using an underslung camera. This mod kit was designed around the 1/2" booms and the Rotor Bones Electrohub. 

    This kit comes with all th necessary parts and hardware to modify a standard quadcopter using 1/2" booms. 

    Made out of Aircraft Grade 3/32" Plywood. 

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    1. Okay, But ....

      The Angle Arm Brace Kit seems to be well made, but harder to use than the video (ElectroHub Y6) would have you believe. An etched line showing the center of the angle would be very helpful to ensure that the bracket is installed in exactly the same spot on each of the arms.
      on 23rd Jan 2017

    2. Angle Arm Brackets (Wooden)

      Angle Arm Brackets (G10) would be great for $10. Maybe $5-6 for wooden. Worked great though. on 17th Feb 2016

    3. Easy repairs

      I am currently using these on a Y6 kit like the one for sale on Flite Test Store. Mounting was rather straight forward. Getting the angle correct to join the two booms together was tricky but not overly complicated. The most technical part was making sure to drill straight so the other plate will match up for the bolt holes. Had a crash and busted a pair of brackets on one arm which most likely saved other crucial parts by these plates breaking. Will continue to use these on this Y6. on 2nd Jan 2016

    4. They work well, but will break

      Got a set for my electrohub mini quad. Liked the stability, but on my first crash that had any speed behind it, they broke where the two angles meet. Wouldn't recommend for anything that'll crash unless you have extras on hand. on 18th Sep 2015

    5. It's 10 Degrees!

      OK, I love this idea and the parts arrived pretty much as expected from FT, great. However, I looked around, and asked online to no avail, so what is the angle? What angle do I need to cut the arms on to match the ANGLE ARM Brackets? So I measured using very precise angle graph paper, and kept coming up with 9 Degrees. Well, my bench bandsaw is not that precise anyways for I carefully set it up and set it at 10 degrees, and 3 minutes later I had 4 arm segments that we perfectly flush with the other arm segments, and the Brackets aligned perfectly. To make things easier I glued them end to end with Medium CA, then glued one bracket to one side of the arm, and I HOPE this will make the drilling and further assemble easier. on 6th Sep 2015

    6. For the Price, Get Two

      I have these installed on a mini electrohub quad x. The angled arms aid in stability of the quad considerably. I didn't mount mine using the provided screws, but instead I used CA to attach the brackets to the wooden booms. I did this for three reasons, I was lazy and didn't want to drill holes, I didn't want to add weight to my build, and by using glue I thought forces in a crash would dissipate better. Either way, the angled arms are strong and sturdy. I have found that the joint between the two booms (the angled part of the bracket) is the point of failure in a crash. That being said, these brackets are tough, and it will take a lot of force to break them off (i.e. full speed into a tree, or falling 30 feet straight into the full speed). In my experience having an extra set of brackets on hand aids in quick field know for those moments you try and fly like Charpu. on 15th May 2015

    7. Total blast of fun!

      These angle brackets are easy to install and make a huge stability difference on anything from a miniquad, all the way up to a full size class monster. Check out my build article here: on 21st Apr 2015

    8. The smell alone.

      I haven't installed these, but I'm currently putting together a second set of arms for my new project. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew all at once. Being an experienced RC builder, however, I can tell you that these are some well cut (laser) pieces. They almost literally fell out of the flashing. The thing I first noticed when opening the ziplock bag they come in is that they smell amazing. I know some of you may have already experienced the smell of laser cut wood, but I am from a world before laser cutters, where die cut was all we had. This campfire smell makes me think of one thing - the smell of your clothes after an amazing camping trip. If you like camping or the smell of a campfire, it's worth the purchase by itself... If you like Angled Arms AND Camping - man... you're in luck! If you don't like any of those things, we will almost certainly never "hang out" - but we can still talk on the amazing flitetest forum. on 19th Mar 2015

    9. Lack of Instructions =(

      While the items are sturdy and awesome, I found the lack of instructions to be rather disappointing and not very newb friendly. At the time of writing this, there were no online guides to make use of the brackets. On the plus side! All I need to do is buy some more arms to give it another try, which I may do at some point. on 15th Mar 2015

    10. Really helps naturally stabilize your quad.

      This is a great innovation for simple and cheap quad arms. I've used them on two different builds now, and I don't regret it. They need to provide more hardware in the pack, though. A full installation requires 16 screws and nuts, the packet only has 10. Luckily I had spares from other places. on 14th Mar 2015

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