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Alpha 110 Quad Copter FPV(RTF)

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    If you are considering getting into FPV the Graupner Alpha 110 quad copter will help and guide you with mastering the art of flying under the hood! The Alpha 110 prepares you for the next level of FPV racing when transitioning to bigger 250 and 300 size copters! Don’t let the small size deceive you! The Graupner Alpha 110 uses the same technology as our other multirotor racers like the Alpha 250Q and Alpha 300Q. It is nimble and extremely maneuverable!

    Based on our GR-18 flight controller the Alpha 110 provides the same ease of use and control functions many others have experienced when using Graupner multirotor flight controllers.


    The Graupner Alpha 110 comes fully assembled and is ready to go in minutes. The supplied mz-8 radio provides access to all control functions needed during flight and more. The Alpha 110 adapts quickly to its surroundings and flying from your living room to your backyard and around your house is easy with the integrated crystal clear image camera. You can fly using FPV goggles or with one of our 9 or 7 inch FPV TFT monitors or both!


    Like all of our HoTT radio products the Alpha 110 will provide you with real-time information when your battery is almost depleted giving you plenty of time to return and land safely. The Graupner Alpha 110 has been optimally tuned for FPV flight but in case you feel you need to fine tune its settings the optional SmartBox enables you to fine tune the Alpha 110 PID settings to your own liking.

    If you already own a Graupner radio like the mz-12, mz-18 or mz-24 you can bind the Alpha 110 while using the same settings as the Graupner Alpha 250Q race copter.


    • GR-18 multirotor flight controller software
    • Fully assembled and ready to go in minutes
    • Light frame construction with blade guards
    • Integrated FPV 5.8 GHz video camera
    • Uses Graupner HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) protocol
    • High intensity LED lights helps maintaining orientation
    • mz-8 flight controller with telemetry notifications
    • Multi flying modes, attitude for beginners and rate for advanced pilots
    • Auto flip function for spectacular aerobatics
    • Over-the-Air setup using optional SmartBox or HoTT radio
    • Firmware updateable 


    • Graupner Alpha 110 FPV Copter
    • Graupner mz-8, 2.4 GHz 4 channel HoTT radio
    • Rechargeable 350 mAh LiPo battery
    • USB charger cable
    • Set of extra propeller blades
    • Manual
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    1. Epic quad looks good does good

      Great indoor and outdoor fpv quad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 5th Mar 2017

    2. Beat the winter blues/Best customer service

      Great fun for indoor fpv flying. Found a small defect in mine but Mitchell Gray and the Flite Test store sent me a replacement right away. Very quick shipping and 5 star customer service. All we would need to do to make America great again would be to forget politics and just model your business after these guys! They put the emphasis on the customer and putting out quality products. When you put that ahead of profit your business thrives. Keep up the great work, I know you guys will continue to grow and prosper. on 4th Feb 2017

    3. Super fun indoor FPV

      I got this as my intro to FPV on my way towards bigger and faster quads. Right off the bat this was a super fun one to fly. I had previously gotten a Hubsan X4 for my indoor flying, and in my opinion this far outshines that even without the FPV, considering its power to weight ratio and the fact that it has rate mode as well. As an added bonus, the batteries I got for the Hubsan fit perfectly in this one, so I already had 6 extras on hand to play with. As far as signal range for the quad and video, it's not bad and lets me fly through my (small) house with ease. Flight times are really not bad, I couldn't imagine only having one battery though so definitely get extras.
      I am concerned about replacement parts for it, I have had very good luck with the other quads I've bought so far (My syma x5c is still going strong on all original motors and props after well over a year and hundreds of flights) but they have all had readily available replacement parts which may be difficult with this one. I have only put a few packs through this so far, so we will see how it holds up in the long term, but so far a very fun quad to fly.

      PS. Coupled this with the Kylin FPV goggles also sold here, works like a charm.
      on 9th Jan 2017

    4. real fpv

      Fpv better than most cameras out there. Video range only 25 ma output [i take it everywhere antway]. Good radio. No USB. The drone is solid. Flying is a pleasure. Got one for a Christmas present.

      on 19th Nov 2016

    5. Amazing even without fpv

      I bought the fpv version and I don't regret one bit of it. I got it today and got three amazing non fpv flights in because I ordered the screen separately. I cannot wait for my screen to arrive and begin flying fpv. Acro mode is a little challenging but that is good.
      One thing I would like to see in the future is either coming with fpv gear or having a reccomended gear for it on this website instead of having to search for second hand fpv gear but overall, I love it.
      on 29th Oct 2016

    6. A great quad to learn on, plus lot's of fun

      What a blast. Fast, fun and great even in the front yard. What a great way to learn. on 25th Oct 2016

    7. Fun but no spare motor parts!!!!

      I really enjoyed flying this quad for about a week. All my fun ended quickly when one of the motors burned up and does not work. I got about 10 flight out of it. 10 flight for $150.00 is not a deal in my book. I have been in the hobby for 25 years and I am used to replacing parts when things go wrong. I have searched for spare parts and they are only available on the manufactures web site. To my disappointment they are out of stock. I got on the waiting list over 6 weeks ago and still no luck or communication from them. I check the web site often to see if the motor set becomes available. I'm not impressed that the spare parts are not readily available. I feel like this is intentional so you are forced to buy multiple units instead of fixing the one you have. Also the props break easily and I used the extras included in the first 10 flights.

      If the parts were available through Flite test this would be a 5 start review but when i have a $150 toy that i cant play with it puts a bad taste in my mouth for this product. Flite Test if you are selling this product you should have props and motor sets also. Other wise you have very disappointed customers like me.
      on 22nd Oct 2016

    8. Great Qaud

      I'm new to the RC world, but this quad is a lot of fun. I still need to order goggles but I'm not sure which ones to get. I was looking at the fatshark teleporters would those be the right ones? on 18th Oct 2016

    9. A must have for any fpv freak!

      Dooood, this thing rocks. My buddy has the qx2 and my 110 is way faster and the acro is better. I have had a lot of interactions with the ceiling, the floor, the wall, chairs, tables, hanging lights and the list goes on, this thing is a trooper, it's durable and just keeps going (it even seems to land right side up the majority of the time when I crash lol). The only things I wish were better #1 the manual is lacking, I can't figure out how to change which channel I'm broadcasting on, also the is a record function but record to where? I would like to see a more thorough overview of the functionality. #2 the fpv transmitter is not as strong as the qx2, it's good enough but I do see more static in my headset with the graup than the qx2. #3 the controller is included, which I love not having to buy one, but the compact design of the transmitter has the control sticks angled in so they are not parallel. I see no advantage in this design, and I am worried about developing bad habits because of the angle. Even cheersons and my dromida versa have parallel sticks. The only other remotes you can bind the 110 with are far more expensive than the quad itself, I don't like being locked in on a remote I'm not comfortable with. Just make them parallel graupner! It's ridiculous there isn't any other remote like this, and if angled sticks was a good feature they would design their nice expensive transmitters that way but they don't because it isn't a good design. Did I mention I don't like the way they angled the control sticks? on 10th Oct 2016

    10. Alpha 110 FPV quad copter

      I bought this quad to use in smaller areas and inside during the winter ,and to get more comfortable with FPV. It is a perfect size to teach my son too with out breaking slot of stuff. I also fly a vortex pro . It flies Great , and is pretty fast ! The controller is a little small but works fine. It says you can bind a graupner radio to it but I have all spectrum so I'll just use what it came with. The camera worked good even as it was starting get dark outside ! I will probably end up getting another one so my son and I can race ! on 29th Sep 2016

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