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Adtech Pro200 Glue Gun (200 Watt)

2.40 LBS
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    One of the best glue gun values around. This heavy duty glue gun offers 200 watts of heater power and can deliver up to 3.5 pounds of glue per hour. Durable design, comfortable grip and trigger, and high volume glue output, all add up to an outstanding value!  This is the gun of Choice for all of our builds.  You won't be disapointed with this gun when you are in the middle of your Kraken or Guinea build.

    • Output per hour: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) 
    • Operating temp:410°F/210°C 
    • 200 watt PTC heating system 
    • Uses 7/16" (12 mm glue sticks) 
    • 3 minute warm up 
    • Power on light 
    • Comfortable 4 finger trigger 
    • Stable dual stands
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    1. Ad Tech Pro 200 Glue Gun

      WOW! This is a very nice glue gun! It is very controllable and gets the glue right where you need it. quick warm up and plenty of heat.
      Thanks again FT!
      on 27th Jan 2017

    2. AdTech Pro 200

      This is an amazing glue gun! It is a huge step up from my old glue gun.(I do not even know what type, some generic one) This is the glue gun to get, without a doubt! It works with any build, but it is a bit over kill for some of the smaller planes. on 7th Jan 2017

    3. Couldnt be better!

      In pairing with the glue sticks, this gun works great! Ive bought countless cheap glue guns to have them falla apart, and this one definitley isnt one of them! Nice, steady bead and the handle is real comfortable. I just wish that it came with a few more nozzles. on 26th Dec 2016

    4. Good Glue Gun

      It's a good glue gun, could use some work with feeding the glue sticks. Mine does not feed well into the back. When it heats up it creates a lot of air bubbles in the heating element. Over all I am being very critical. It is a over all good glue gun. on 13th Dec 2016

    5. Everything else is just a toy!

      The real deal.
      What a difference compared to the House Depot model that I was trying to use. This gun gives me extra time to make tricky glue ups easy.
      One of the best tool purchases I've made in a long time.
      on 5th Nov 2016

    6. Awesome Product

      I recently purchased the Adtech Pro 200 Hot Glue Gun from Flight Test after seeing how effective it was for them. I had been using a cheap 40 watt glue gun but it wasn't hot enough and the glue would often be setting up while I was still fitting parts into place. The 200 watts of the Adtech is perfect for building foam board airplanes because the extra heat keeps the glue soft for at least another ten to fifteen seconds for light applications, and a good twenty and more for heavy applications. I would recommend this Product, The Adtech Pro 200 Hot Glue Gun to anyone who needs a longer working time when assembling anything using hot glue. on 3rd Nov 2016

    7. Well worth it!

      This is a much better glue gun than the smaller craft style gun and building the Simple Storch with it's numerous and multiple glue runs on the wing it proved to be almost essential. Good product! on 3rd Nov 2016

    8. Great product

      I am vary happy with the glue gun best one I have ever only took a week to get here
      And I would buy it again.
      on 2nd Sep 2016

    9. Great product, good for big work

      I bought this glue gun because I already had a smaller one and needed something that could deliver large amounts of glue in short amounts of time, at high temperatures to allow for a longer working time. It does not disappoint! Great ergonomics, great stand, fast warm-up, high temperature, precise nozzle - very well-designed. Thanks for the recommendation, Flite Test!

      Having used and owned a series of small guns that use mini glue sticks, the one thing that surprised me and that I think is worth mentioning is that standard-size glue sticks appear much more compressible than mini glue sticks. As a consequence, there is more "slack" between the time you push down on the trigger and the time the glue comes out; it is not as easy as on a small gun to control the _exact_ amount of glue being dispensed. However, it seems you get used to it over time and I've already found myself turning to the Adtech Pro 200 even for small jobs.
      on 20th Aug 2016

    10. adtech pro 200

      Gets hot fast and has good glue dispensing control. Hot gluing takes practice. After a big drop burned my leg and several finger burns, I'm getting better. on 14th Aug 2016

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